Go Bungee Jumping


# 1

Although the Dare Devil’s drop at Six Flags Great Adventure is not full-on bungee jumping, for now, I’m counting the nearly 15.5 story freefall! Someday though, I’d love to bungee jump from a higher spot. Two close friends and I had joked a few summers ago that we would do it when we got to the theme park, but as we stood in line waiting to jump, we all admitted that none of us had taken it seriously.

“I thought we were all just talking and were going to walk away when we got here,” my friend Matt said. “But here we are in line,” he added as Kait and I laughed.

The dive has speeds of about 60 mph. The price isn’t too bad. If you want to cut costs, bringing three people cuts down the price to $20 each, as opposed to $40 for one person or $25 each for two. You can choose to buy a photo or video of your drop; we went with only the photo, though now I think it would have been neat to have both!

“Guys, I’m seriously terrified,” Matt kept saying as we continued to laugh.

Because Matt was the tallest, they told us he would have to be in the middle and Kait and I on the ends to balance everything out. They said one of us would have to pull the string that would cause our 15.5 story drop and it had to be one of the people on the ends.

Relief came when Kait said, “I’ll do it!”

The worst part was probably being lifted to the top at what felt like an excruciatingly slow pace, though we did get a nice view of the carousal.

When you reach the top, there is a countdown: 3, 2, 1! After 1, you have to pull the string.

I remember Matt and I shouting to Kait, “Just pull it!”

Afterward Kait told us the worst part was she knew the result of pulling that string.

Naturally, the first drop was the worst, but afterward, as we flew back and forth a few times over the carousal and the crowds below us, flying was incredible.

We had officially crossed Dare Devil’s Drop at Six Flags off our lists.

How many of you tried bungee jumping (or at least some form of bungee jumping)? Where did you go and what was it like? I’d love to hear about your experiences!

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3 Responses to Go Bungee Jumping

  1. Kavita Joshi says:

    wow..looks like u guys had a lot of fun…I did by myself so I was alone to scream all the way down to the lake 😉 thanks for sharing ..enjoyed reading this

  2. Wow, that would be amazing! Can’t wait to read more or your adventures!

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