Go Tubing



My tubing adventure was an unexpected and lucky experience. A few summers ago a good friend of mine told us that her boyfriend’s best friend owns a boat and this friend was nice enough to invite us out on it.

We were all set to go tubing and my friend and I were super excited. Unfortunately, right as we got to the dock it started pouring rain and the conditions were not safe enough to take the boat out in. Our new friend told us he was worried we’d get stuck out there if we went. He invited us back to his house, where we hoped we could wait out the storm (although expected the rain would not cease), but by 4:00 it stopped! Voila sun!

His boat sat in a beautiful dock and we drove around for a bit down by the Pt. Pleasant area and even barbequed on the boat. After a while he asked if we were ready to go tubing and attached the tube to the back of the boat.

The two guys naturally had a blast making the boat go as fast as it could as my friend and I screamed, but luckily they only let us flip off the tube a few times!

I’d definitely love to go tubing again, although it was awesome that thanks to our new friend, we were able to go free of cost.

Who else has been tubing and what was your experience like? Who wants to add this one to their lists?

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6 Responses to Go Tubing

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  2. Kavita Joshi says:

    wow…love reading this article here..thanks for sharing dear

  3. Franz Fuls says:

    As a kid growing up on a farm in a mountainous area, I used to monitor a nearby creek. When the level was just right I’d pump up a tube, jog about 10 miles up the road, jump in and charge down the rapids. Slightly different style, but tubing nonetheless. Little did I know that later in life I would start whitewater kayaking! Great post Christine!

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