Drive a Jet Ski with and without a Partner


Jet skiing summer 2011 (bottom) and summer 2012 (top)ย 

# 6

If you have ever ridden a jet ski, you know the feeling of freedom it gives you as you zip over the waves. I think I was about seven the first time I went jet skiing with my dad on vacation in St. Martin, and since then, we have done it every year. When I was fairly young, I remember my dad laughing or yelling because my hair was getting in his face or him trying to go faster and me screaming at him to slow down. Even so, I always had a great time.

Although I was pretty old, last summer was the first time I went out on the jet ski by myself. This time, I tried to go as fast as I could and the best part was feeling the jet ski jump over the waves as I increased speed. While falling off in the middle of the ocean, where potential sharks might be lurking, was at the back of my mind, I figured it was best to push it to the far back and just enjoy the experience.

This summer, I plan on going again, and I also think it would be neat to finally go around my home state as well with a few friends.

Who else has been jet skiing or has this on their bucket lists? What other water sports have you done or do you enjoy?

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13 Responses to Drive a Jet Ski with and without a Partner

  1. Sabrina says:

    I absolutely love the fact that your blog is about bucketlists and exploring the world. I was actually just looking over my bucketlist the other day, and here you are for the extra push for inspiring. Jet skiing just so happens to be on mine and I hope to be able to have the chance to do so one day. Such a joy to read your stories and experiences. ๐Ÿ™‚ I look forward to your upcoming posts!

  2. vagabondvirginia says:

    I have memories of jet skiing on the back with my dad too! He used to try and get me thrown off and I LOVED it! Have you tried paddle boarding yet? I did that for the first time last summer, it’s not a fast and crazy as a jet ski but it feels like you are standing on the water. It’s amazing!

    • Haha that’s so funny! And it’s also funny you mentioned paddle boarding because I actually tried that for the first time last summer too; I lucked out because my aunt and cousin had gone and wound up liking it so much that they bought paddle boards! We took them out on the bay, so no waves there, but I’d love to try it in the ocean. Is that where you did it?

      • vagabondvirginia says:

        Yes, it was in south Portugal through the caves. There weren’t really any waves it was just really windy and a bit of a current. That’s awesome you have some to use! I think I’m going to buy one too.

      • Wow that sounds absolutely incredible! And oh I wish I had my own jet skis lol, I just meant that they have them available at the place I vacation to every year ๐Ÿ˜‰ That would be so neat if you buy one though!

  3. I have nominated you for the Sunshine and Versatile Blogger Award. I chose to be a rebel with the rules and questions and instead chose to showcase the work of the bloggers with whom I find inspiration. It’s nothing more than a big thanks.

  4. Irfan Ahmed says:

    I have a great experience about Jet Ski Ride in Dubai. I visited Dubai for Holiday. That was great experience. when you ride jet in water you enjoyed a lot.

  5. aiden says:

    That is one of my bucket list also.:)

  6. Retha says:

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