Go Horseback Riding


From left to right: Alex, Victoria, me, and Allison preparing for our horseback riding adventure.



Bitsy and I preparing to traverse through the woods! 


Before last summer, the only other times I had ridden a horse (or at least a baby horse) were the ponies that circled pens at birthday parties when I was young. I had always wanted to go horseback riding for real and decided to add the activity to last summer’s bucket list.

After doing some research of horse farms near me on the site fun New Jersey, which is an incredible resource for any activity you want to pursue in the state, I wound up finding Echo Lake Stables. I also found four friends, who either had also never been horseback riding or, had only been a few times, that said they wanted to come on the road trip: Victoria, Allison, and Allison’s boyfriend Alex.

Horseback riding was a blast. What I liked about this place was that you are left on your own as you take your horses through the beautiful wooded area; they told us that the horses know where to go. Then again, we also lucked out, as we met an incredibly nice mother, who had been horseback riding her whole life and was spending the day there; she came along with our group and wound up being a major help.

A few times my horse would try to go in the opposite direction, or, when we passed the farm to go back and graze and at one point Allison’s horse wouldn’t move at all; yet thanks to our new friend’s helpful direction, everything worked out fine. Even though I told her to forget it, she was even nice enough to get off her own horse and go get my hat when it fell off.

I wasn’t brave enough to make my horse fully gallop yet, but it was fun watching a few of my friends try. Even so, I would love to go back there, as it was both a fun, and I think for all of us, unique, experience.  The next step is riding a horse along the beach!

Who else enjoys horseback riding or would add this activity to their summer bucket lists? Where do you enjoy going horseback riding?

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10 Responses to Go Horseback Riding

  1. Pat . says:

    Good on you for getting on a horse and having a walk around. If you really want to ride a horse at a gallop then you will need a lot of lessons, unless you are a gymnast who can somersault off a horse and nail the landing!

  2. Believer says:

    Incredible experience, something I’ve had on my bucket list like forever. Never have found the courage or the time! Good for you!

  3. Hannah Eagan says:

    That’s so cool! Really enjoyed this post! I will take the time someday soon to research and see where I could try horseback riding with some of my friends who would be newbies too! 😀

  4. cherylfoston says:

    What a cute picture. What a beautiful horse. Love your blog, it is very inspiring and happy! Thanks, for stopping by my blog. 🙂

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