Go Country Line Dancing


From left to right: Me, Victoria, Shannon, and Lauren taking a break from country line dancing.



As I mentioned in my last post, not only am I tone deaf, but also, I can’t dance. Pretending I’m deliberately doing goofy dance moves such as “the robot” to hide the fact I actually can’t dance has become my technique of choice. Even so, I was pretty excited when a few summers ago my friend Victoria suggested we get a group together to go line dancing at a place called the Colorado Café.

The Colorado Café is a neat restaurant and bar that is known for its country line dancing. At first, none of us knew what to expect, as we’d never heard of it before. When we arrived, we were all impressed and have gone back several times. The atmosphere is great and the place has several rooms: two bar areas, tables to eat at, the dance floor, and another room with a mechanical bull, along with an area where you can sing karaoke.

When you arrive, an instructor teaches you a few of the dances so when they come on later you’re prepared. Many of the regulars who come each week know all of the dances, individual and partner, and are incredible! There are a few YouTube videos in which the dances are taught too. Many people dress in theme, which adds to the fun.

The last time I went was with a group of girls and we had a good laugh as we tried to learn a few of the partner dances together.

Although I was still nearly clueless after learning most of the dances, some of my friends are awesome dancers and it was fun watching them perfect the steps after one lesson! Still, I can cross go country line dancing off the list and I’m sure we’ll be going back to the Colorado Café.

If anyone lives near New Jersey or will be there to visit, I would definitely recommend checking out the Colorado Café for a unique experience!

Maybe I’ll go back here to finally cross “ride a mechanical bull” off the list.

Who else has been country line dancing or has it on their bucket lists? Do you have any other types of dances you prefer or on your bucket lists?

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10 Responses to Go Country Line Dancing

  1. Pat . says:

    Never on my bucket list – lol. But, glad you had a good time. Don’t get on the mechanical bull – there are some things you simply do not need to do!

  2. Looks like you had a good time.:)

  3. lillyand says:

    Salsa or some other sexy Latin American dance. But only if it’s with a sexy Latin American man : )

  4. mrsugarbears says:

    I think this is wonderful. My friends and I took a trip a couple of years ago and we did ride the mechanical bull together in groups of two, but only after tipping the operator to not make it vibrate. Beware of that. I saw things that I wish I could wipe from my brain. 🙂 Your blog is great. 🙂

  5. logan says:

    I hope you keep dancing! It does get easier. You should definitely go back and ride the bull. I’m a swing dancer and sometimes two-step, and on my dancing bucket list is to learn how to tango, and try burlesque or ‘boylesque’ (or is it ‘burlyesque’?).

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