Ride on the Back of a Motorcycle


Posing on Kevin’s motorcycle. 




I had always wanted to ride on the back of a motorcycle. Thanks to a friend who owns one, I finally got my chance last summer.

We decided to meet at a mall near my house, where he drove the motorcycle. From there, we cruised around some beautiful blocks by the beach. I told him I wasn’t ready to go on any major roads and I don’t think he wanted to risk it anyway!

Even with the bulky helmet, riding around in the beautiful weather was such a great experience. If any of you have ever ridden on a motorcycle, jet ski, or even a roller coaster in nice weather, or really any type of weather, you can probably relate to the sense of freedom it provides you with.

The fear of getting hit by a car from behind was lurking at the back of my mind, but I tried not to let it take over and simply enjoyed myself.

Of course, as with bungee jumping, I decided not to tell my mom about the experience until after it was over! Her “motorcycles are so dangerous” statement also sat at the back of my mind; in her defense, she did witness someone who was hospitalized after flying 70 feet in the air on a motorcycle.

Nonetheless, even if you don’t want to go on any major roads, I’d definitely recommend trying to ride on or drive a motorcycle on some back roads because it was a lot of fun!

Maybe the next step will be driving one 😉

Who else has driven or ridden on the back of a motorcycle? Who has this item on your bucket lists? I want to hear about your experiences!

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46 Responses to Ride on the Back of a Motorcycle

  1. Ray says:

    Nothing better. Love the fresh air and wind on my face.

  2. bklynboy59 says:

    I had a friend give me a ride on a motorcycle and boy was that a great thrill I loved it. It was both thrilling and dangerous at the same especially being used to driving a car, you always have protection, on a bike there is no such thing and for me it was part of the thrill being exposed like that. Thanks for sharing with everyone your experience

  3. I love them too! They make you feel so free!

  4. I was hit by a car, head on, while riding on the back of one but I couldn’t tell you anything about it. I have no memory, which is probably a good thing. I would definitely do it again but I’d leave out the part about getting hit by the car :O)

  5. Glenn says:

    I love bikes, ever since I sat on the back of a friends Z13 years ago. Currently I have no bike at the moment, but I plan to sometime next year.

    At the moment, we have the Isle of Man TT here in the UK. Two weeks of insane road racing, check it out on YouTube… It’s amazing to watch 🙂

  6. Nice looking bike! As someone approaching 40, I’m longing for a Harley. Some may call it a mid life crisis. 🙂

  7. The Dreamer says:

    ooh riding on one is DEFENITLY on my bucket list!

  8. SummersDay says:

    Aha! finally an item on your bucket list that I had already done. I took it even further and learned to ride a motorcycle on my own. It is exhilarating, an adrenaline work out. But I realized that you really need to be aware of your surroundings to be a safe biker, and I’m a space cadet. Riding a motorcycle through the foothills, feeling the breeze and watching the trees changing colors — you know that you are alive.

    Good for you!!

  9. mvschulze says:

    Some time ago, …ok it was a pretty long time ago, a friend and I decided to borrow my brother’s underpowered tiny 50 cc ducati and drive the 5 or 6 miles to classes at the college we were attending. With me on the back (not intended for 2!) my friend had to pop the clutch just to get it into motion. At a semi busy intersection, a red light, he did the obligatory clutch popping as the light turned green, prompting the bike to pitch up in a wheelie like stance, spilling me and my books all over the road…. as he careened off into the curb and fell off. After scrambling out of traffic’s way, the first of a series of years-of-laughs spontaneously erupted from our scuffed up bodies. That was the one and only time we did that, as there were other equally silly adventures to come.

  10. gene3067 says:

    It wasn’t a motorcycle, but I rode on the back of a snowmobile for 100 miles. The jets were failing and we had to fly to get home.

  11. brookemarsal says:

    I’m jealous! I’ve always wanted to do that too!! One day I think I want to actually drive one as well, but baby steps. I’ll try hanging out on the back first before I take the reins.

  12. brookemarsal says:

    I just nominated you for the Super Sweet Blogger Award! http://adventurousobserver.wordpress.com/2013/06/07/super-sweet-blogger-award/

  13. Simmy says:

    What a feeling! I’ve been on a moped and I was so scared, let alone a motorbike but you can feel every single bump in the road. They’re one of the things that I fear the most but I’d like to give it a go one day 🙂 On that note I still can’t ride a normal bike!

    • Ohh a moped would be a lot of fun too, but you’re right about feeling more bumps in the road! And haha, that’s okay, but at least the moped or a motorcycle does more work for us than a bike 😉

  14. hellenmasido says:

    i LOVE bikes. i go 10 times more gaga over a bike than over any car! i plan to own one in future but yet to learn how to ride. also, i am kinda scared of riding a bike- a fear i am getting rid of with time.

  15. Author Catherine Townsend-Lyon says:

    **Thanks for “Sharing” this!! Brought back some of my Best memories of my Brother-in-law, Mike. My sister was to scared to ride on his Honda Goldwing touring bike, so he and I would go. We’d go up into the San Bernardino Mountains in So. Calif, to Big Bear, or Lake Arrowhead, have a nice lunch & ride!! I sure miss those days, and “MIKE”……

  16. cmeboutique says:

    Love it! My father and stepfather both ride. I grew up riding, and have been heard by my family on trips saying, “Oooooh… this road would be FUN on a motorcyle!”

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  18. spartacus2030 says:

    I know someone who also ended up in the hospital for 2 years, after flying off a bike… His left arm has is useless for anything but supporting a cup maybe. And in his brain, it’s still the 60’s…

  19. poptartsonthe101 says:

    I rode a friend’s scooter once. For some reason he let me ride it, provided I stay on this tiny path. Like the badass that I’m not, I ended up swerving into the mud and riding for a few yards with that scooter on my leg. I cleaned myself up real quick, covered up my limp and when he asked me how it was, I was like: whatever, I handled that.

  20. I’ve always wanted to ride on the back of a motorbike! I even arranged a ride with a friend in uni after an exam, but it started raining so we decided against it. And I haven’t had an opportunity since! I just want to feel cool! =p Thanks for following my blog! =)

  21. sandrabranum says:

    I used to love to ride on motorcycles, but had this bad habit of holding on with my arms tightly wound around the guy’s waist. One day (in Panama City, FL) we took a turn too fast on a sandy road and because I was holding on so tightly the bike tilted and he just laid the bike on its side with us still on it. I didn’t feel a thing because the sand was so soft. Lucky me!

  22. I have already ridden on the back of a motorcycle once. But it wasn’t planned at all. My friend wanted to bring me home on his motorcycle, so I went with him. I have never desired it or would have put it on a bucket list. In fact, I was used to riding on the back of a vespa to and from school with another friend. But I really enjoyed both 🙂 I wasn’t scared at all, too, but I think I would never ride a motorcycle on my own. I am too clumsy for that 😀

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