Drive a Quad and Ride on the Back of One


Revy and I after the quad adventure! 


As I mentioned in my previous post about my Segway (mis)adventure I just returned from a trip to St. Martin with my family on Monday night. While there, I got to cross riding a quad off my bucket list. Although I use this phrase in a lot of my posts, this one was definitely one of the best experiences I have ever had.

Maybe the adrenaline was still flowing from the Segway ride, but afterward, I still wanted to do one more fun adventure: drive a quad. I have always seen people driving them around Phillipsburg in particular and thought it looked like a blast.

The woman who rented out the quads was so sweet. She told me she usually rents them out for the day and not by the half hour or hour, but said if I wanted to take it out for a shorter amount of time that would be fine. She offered to have me ride on the back of it with her for a couple minutes and then try driving it for free, because she said if I wasn’t comfortable driving stick she didn’t want to take my money.

It was a lot of fun and when I told her I thought I was going to do it, she asked if I wanted Revy, one of her instructors, to come with me, which I agreed with.

Revy asked if I wanted him to drive at first, which I said would be great. Although my mom probably would’ve killed me if I had told her what I was planning on doing beforehand (after all, I don’t think I would condone driving around on a quad with an instructor one just met and it sounds pretty naïve to say, “But, he seemed like such a nice guy!”), it was so worth it.  If he had not gone, I would’ve never driven past all the beautiful scenery that he directed us through. Although its obviously different, I kept imagining the scene from “Passport to Paris,” where the Olsen twins cruise through Paris on mopeds. I felt so free driving through the warm air and this scenery.

After we proceeded to cruise through the streets in the town, he let me drive up and down one of the giant hills overlooking the ocean. After we reached the top of the hill and I had started getting brave by adding more speed, I had the horrifying realization we would have to drive down that large hill. He started laughing at me when I asked if I could break the entire way down the hill, but that’s exactly what I did! There was enough momentum to go down it pretty quickly anyway. After we got back to town, we switched again, so he could maneuver the quad through the busier streets.

We ended the tour back in town. Revy (per my suggestion, of course) got one of his friends to take our picture and I thanked him for such an incredible drive.

So who else has driven a quad or has this item on their bucket lists? Tell me about your experiences!

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7 Responses to Drive a Quad and Ride on the Back of One

  1. maxcharge says:

    It’s definitely going on my bucket list now! Awesome post; I’ve been to St. Martin, and it’s gorgeous – especially the beaches. Looking forward to reading more!

  2. cmeboutique says:

    Anyone who knows me I hate camping… like with a burning passion. But, I do it once a year to spend time with my in-laws (whom I adore!). Since I married into a family of avid campers, it comes with territory. They will all tell you how funny they find it that under most circumstances I hate to get dirty… unless a quad or ATV are involved. Then I could care less if I speed through mud and dust and dirt… I love it! My kids only ever want to ride with me, because I go faster than their dad or grampa, and they egg me on from the back “Faster Mom!”. I don’t know much about sports, but give me something that goes fast and I’m in heaven. 😀

  3. bklynboy59 says:

    that looked like so much fun,great post.

  4. I have to agree that Revy looks nice.

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