Donate at Least 10,000 Grains to



Since I’ve been writing a lot about the items I crossed off on my activities & adventures page, I figured I should also write about some of the items I’ve completed on the kind acts & volunteering page.

If you haven’t used the site Free Rice before, I’d highly suggest it! Not only is it a lot of fun, but you can also help in the fight to end world hunger. I was first introduced to the site by my high school teacher and have continued using it periodically. contains various subjects: English Vocabulary, English Grammar, Famous Paintings, Literature, Multiplication Table, Basic Math (Pre-Algebra), Chemical Symbols, German, Spanish, French, Italian, World Landmarks, Identifying Countries on a Map, World Capitals, Flags of the World, Human Anatomy, and even SAT preparation.

Here’s an example of an English vocabulary question I took from the site (I promise the difficulty levels increase):

error means:

If you get the answer correct, you donate ten grains of rice to hungry people. A bowl at your right will illustrate your progress as you continue to answer questions correctly and if you get an account you can permanently track the amount of rice you donate.

On my account, I told myself that I wanted to donate at least 10,000 grains of rice and was thrilled to have reached that goal, but hope to continue using in the future.

I figured I would share this site, as I’m not sure if a lot of people know about it and it’s a fun way to learn new words, while helping to try and end hunger!

So has anyone else used or is hoping to check the site out, so you can add helping end hunger to your bucket lists? What other fun volunteering experiences have you had?

On a side note, I just got all four wisdom teeth removed a few hours ago & can officially cross that off my bucket list (not that it was ever on my bucket list for real!) If anyone has any tips about that too, it’d also be greatly appreciated 😉

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36 Responses to Donate at Least 10,000 Grains to

  1. codyhough says:

    I’ve been slowly chiseling away at this for awhile its part of my Dayzeroproject and its really rewarding for something rather small.

  2. Very cool idea. I will definitely check it out and pass it on. Thanks for sharing this. Good luck on whatever bucket list mission you are on currently. Look forward to hearing more about your adventures, you write very organically and it is a pleasure to read your words. Plus, I can vicariously live through your adventures…ha, ha, ha.

  3. Lovely, thanks! I love your blog!!


  4. Chuck says:

    That’s really cool! I just sent the website to a bunch of teacher friends!

  5. bamauthor says:

    Yes, I have visited this site many times. It is fun, educational and a worthwhile humanitarian project!

  6. opreach says:

    Thanks for the link! And thank you for following.

  7. blissinger says:

    Thanks for reminding me about Free Rice, I have used it before but had forgotten it. I’m studying Spanish so I’ll try the Spanish tests.

  8. Juli says:

    I love Free Rice! What a wonderful site! Thank you for the signpost 🙂

  9. Christine says:

    What a great idea. I’ve never heard of the site before, but I will definitely check it out.

  10. 365bookworm says:

    Of *course* you are a Freericer. Me too. I love the one where you identify world landmarks or flags. Perfect for the traveler. Thanks for following my blog!

  11. mvschulze says:

    Four wisdom teeth at a time generally means walking around like a chipmunk for a while. Passing along the freericer info. Sounds like a great intro to charitable causes.

  12. Does the site literally donate rice grains every time you get a question right? … Kinda sounds too good to be true.

    • I know! I was looking into a long time ago and from what I remember, it’s a certain percentage that gets donated (although I don’t want to give the wrong info), but most of the rice does still get donated, which is really cool 🙂

  13. mamamlk says:

    That sounds interesting! I will definitely have to check it out!!!!

    As said in another comment…I’m an MDA volunteer. I did volunteer work for MDA at they Harley 100th. Harley sponsors a summer camp for kids with this disease so a bunch of kids from our local camp made a cake to thank Harley. My brothers was one of the kids presenting the cake so….I got to go backstage! We met Dan Ackroyd and Kid Rock and got both their Autographs for my little brother!!!

    Such an amazing experience!!

  14. I donated 20,000+ grains today. I made it to English level 25, but some of the synonyms stumped me.

  15. It is a fun game and great for kids who can do something for others at the same time as enjoying themselves.

  16. I love! I accomplished this goal a long time ago and has never been a regret—how could it be? You can’t go wrong with that site. A thousand blessings to them for what they do.

  17. This is a wonderful site and you’re right; a lot of fun! Also, highly addictive. I love the word game section, as a fellow creative writing major. I also like that there’s an altruistic aspect to the game, as opposed to the FB games I used to play. Thanks so much for the info!

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