The Rain Forest Cafe


Chilling at the Rain Forest Cafe bar. 



If you’ve never been to The Rain Forest Café, I think it’s definitely worth a visit! The chain restaurant is located in twelve different states and although it’s geared toward kids, I think it’s a fun place to eat no matter what your age. Thus far, I’ve only been to the few locations in New Jersey.

The entire restaurant has a rainforest theme, so whether you’re seated next to the big aquariums in the restaurant or one of the mechanical gorillas, you’re sure to have an interesting meal.

Typically I get the Brave New World pizza, which is barbeque chicken flavored. I remember when I was younger my parents had a surprise party with the family for me there (followed by a trip to Build a Bear with my cousins). Another time, when I was getting too damn old, I invited a group of friends there for my seventeenth birthday too; sometimes it’s a good laugh to still do kid-oriented activities, especially as you get older!

Usually, when friends from other states come to visit, who have never been, this restaurant is one of the ones I’ll take them too and they’ve seemed to enjoy it a lot.

Most of these restaurants have a gift shop and the one near me has a bar located in the gift shop as well. Even so, if you’re looking for a quiet dinner free from kids, you may want to look elsewhere.

Yet if you’ve never been here before, I think it’s worth a try!

So has anyone eaten at The Rainforest Café or does anyone plan on adding this restaurant to their dining out bucket list? Tell me about your experiences!

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53 Responses to The Rain Forest Cafe

  1. I want to go to that place it sounds amazing.
    I’ll ask Star if she’s been!

  2. Try their Mai Tai’s. YUM. Of course, I went to the one at Disney in Florida.

  3. Would this be one located in the Menlo Park mall in Jersey? I live near the mall and always wanted to go in there… The pictures look great! I am in love with those bar stools. I may definitely need to go eat there. It literally is a stones throw away from me.



  4. dreaminsomnia says:

    How I wish we had restaraunts like these in Austin! The closest Texas location is in Houston, about 3 or 4 hours away. Closest thing we have to a themed restaruant is Dick’s Last Resort, where the entire waitstaff insults you in front of all the other guests.

    • Haha it’s so funny you mentioned Dick’s Last Resort because I’ve been telling my friends about it and how I want to go there so badly! The closest one to me would be in Maryland, but none of my friends understand why I would want to go there if they’re that rude to you lol

  5. I love this place, I should go this weekend with my man thanks for reminding me!

  6. Author, Catherine Townsend- Lyon says:

    **I LOVE THAT PLACE….when we visit So. Cal…..we always go to the one by the Onterio Airport in So. Cal…..we even have T-Shirts we wear that I bought the last time we were there! I love the rainforest & animal sounds, it’s dark and cool in there, and the moveable animals….Just a great place for the kids! Good Memories…….Another Great, Fun, is The Midevil Times…..*Catherine*
    As BOB HOPE used to say, “Thanks for the Memories”

  7. Bee says:

    Love it

  8. bamauthor says:

    I have only been to two of them, but they are lots of fun and a different kind of dining experience!

  9. Megan says:

    I have been to one located in a mall. It is so much fun. I love the fish tank the most.

  10. Been to the one in Nashville. Fun, but thankful I don’t have to exterminate bugs that big – especially in a place I’m eating. There are some big roaches in the jungle (excuse me, “rain forest’).

    • Haha, oh no! I can’t tell if you mean there are real roaches in that one (ewww!) or if you’re talking about the statues! Hopefully you mean the latter, but if not maybe I shouldn’t go to the one in Nashville lol

  11. Hi great blog, and I agree that we don’t have to grow up! I stumbled across the Jungle Tandoor Restaurant in Little India, Singapore. All the staff are dressed in intrepid explorer outfits, and the entire place is a rainforest filled with trees and animals (including a polar bear which was rather odd). Food was authentic Indian and they served strong Kingfisher beer at an unknown alcohol percentage. Despite my slighty foggy vision, I did spot a real furry animal scarper across the floor, causing many staff to chase it out of the tomb door facade of the venue!

  12. The Earth Mama says:

    Love this place. Took my children to the one at Disney World.

  13. I have never been here before and have always heard about it growing up. Seeing your pictures and reading about your experience definitely makes me want to go check it out, even though I’m an adult now! 😀

  14. amediablogger says:

    We have one in London, I went there years ago it is a fun place to visit and kids really love it. Nice pictures and nice post.

  15. Loca Gringa says:

    I ❤ bigtime Rainforest Cafe! Especially for the sale's rack 🙂

  16. maxcharge says:

    Definitely adding it on now! You have such great posts and ideas. Will see if they have any places in New York. OH WAIT, memory jolt – they have a location in Atlantic City that I’ve stopped by, but never eaten at. I guess now I have a reason to swing by AC again.

    • Aww, thank you Max :)! And haha, yup I was actually just in AC and we passed by it a couple times, but the one there’s good too! There’s also one that might be closer in Edison, New Jersey.

  17. thelifeofababybuddha says:

    I love your photos. Looks like a lot of fun! Lisa 😉

  18. I remember going here when I was a little girl but, those days are now behind me.

  19. My family and I have always been to the restaurant when we have been to America (we are in the UK) and we always seem to find one somewhere! I remember the first time we went, we were all going to try a Volcano but thankfully the waiter suggested that we just get one to share. He was most definitely right!! The best dessert I have ever had 😀

  20. 9jagirl says:

    Thank you so much for following my blog!!

  21. mamamlk says:

    Been there once at the mall of America!!! Loved it! It been a while though. I so want to go back!!!

  22. JayNine says:

    And, they’re in Canada here too! Ours is one of our favorites to visit. Used to go there alot (when married) Kids and tourists love this place! I now will have to look for photos lol !

  23. Maryanne says:

    I love Rainforest Cafe! I’m in NJ. I go to the one in Menlo Park Mall – always a great time! (I’m actually using a photo of me with one of the monkeys for my business newsletter next month to show that at my business “we don’t monkey around”!)

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