Nice Things Jar


My “Nice Things” jar.


Write at least one nice thing that happened to me everyday for a year and put it in a jar:

Although I haven’t completed this bucket list item yet, I figured I should write about it in case anyone wants to start one of these jars at the halfway-through-the-year-mark. I stole this idea from a Facebook post and loved it. Here is the concept:

Starting on New Years (when I started my jar) or whenever really, write down one nice thing that happened to you each day, then put the pieces of paper in a jar. You cannot look at what you wrote until the end of the year, but then you’re allowed to read everything.

Like the gratitude journal  I wrote about in a previous post, I have found this exercise so rewarding and a lot of fun. I twisted the rules a bit and each day write multiple nice things that happened to me on the pieces of paper, as a way to remember what each day was like throughout my entire year.

I have also enjoyed this practice because, like the gratitude journal, it really puts things into perspective.  I remember how on a couple days this year, I was sick as a dog with a cold or fever; even so, writing down how nice it was that I was able to buy honey at the store for that aching sore throat or that I did well on a test that day made me grateful for all the pluses rather than focusing on the negatives of being sick.

Toward the beginning of the year I went to Staples and bought colored paper to make the activity more fun. I also decorated the jar and eventually plan on putting sunglasses on the jar, a suggestion someone close to me recommended, which goes with the theme of bright thoughts.

Some days I admit I get a bit lazy with my “Nice Things” jar and I’ll have to look at my phone calendar to remember all the nice things that happened over the past couple days, but I figure that at the end of the year as long as I have all the days in the jar, I’m the only one who can hold myself accountable for writing some a few days late.

Since yesterday was July 1st that means we are halfway through the year and it’s a perfect time for you to start a “Nice Things Jar”; maybe you only want a jar with half a year’s worth of nice things or even a month’s worth, so now’s the time to start that too!

So does anyone do something similar or plan on adding this item to their bucket lists? I’d love to hear about your experiences!

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125 Responses to Nice Things Jar

  1. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says:

    I do something comparable to your “Nice Things” jar: I volunteer in child abuse prevention and I also have depression issues. On days I am feeling down I go to an e-mail folder and read thank you notes and positive feedback I get from parents and professionals and it gives me a lift in bad times.

  2. Outlier Babe says:

    This was the first time I learned of this idea, and find it so much easier than a journal. Terrific. Like your write-up, and will be starting a jar today! Here’s the person who claims credit for starting the whole thing, so let’s give it it to her:

  3. Hi Christine,
    I chanced upon your blog last night and it was love at first sight. So much that the control freak in me wanted to understand your journey right from Day 1. Even though I’ve loved all that I read till this post of yours, this is the first one that made me feel like I HAD to comment before moving on. Thank you for the lovely idea, Christine. I’m definitely gonna start a ‘Nice Things Jar’ for myself.
    Keep up the good work! 🙂

  4. colibrist says:

    I just discovered your blog… it’s very inspiring, congratulations!
    I once started a ‘positive thoughts notebook’ but never managed the routine of writing every day. Still, there are some nice positive memories inside and as you say, reading them is fun and rewarding.

  5. I started doing this on January 1. So far I have only put one thing in my jar. I keep forgetting to write them down and put them in the jar!

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