Bucket List “Suggestions?” Page


Hey guys! I just wanted to let you all know about the new Suggestions? Page I created last night. As a bucket list blogger, I thought it would be nice for bloggers to have a place where they can both look for, or share fun places they’ve been to, experiences they’ve had/ want to try, etc.

I would love this page to function as a forum, where bloggers can share links (by commenting), comment on mutual experiences, etc.

Here are just some examples of stuff you might want to post here, but I’m open to any new ideas you may have as well:

A neat website by state such as http://funnewjersey.com/ which is an excellent resource that lists various activities and places to go in New Jersey.

       A link to a blog post you’ve written about a fun experience or nice place such as that time you went swimming with stingrays or traveled to Alaska.

       A YouTube video about another bucket list blogger (or anyone, really) who tried something cool such as indoor skydiving.

       A list of items you’d like to cross off your bucket lists; other bloggers can comment on your post and discuss whether they’ve done some of them or not/give you advice based on their experiences.

     A unique restaurant you’ve been to such as Medieval Times.

       Interesting volunteering opportunities.

Those are just some ideas I had in the hopes of getting this page started. I would love this page to become a place bloggers can use as a resource if they are trying to find something fun to do and aren’t quite sure where to search.

So rather than commenting on this post, I would love if you guys would check out the new suggestions page to get the ball rolling on some great shared experiences!

Anyone brave enough to post the first comment on the page ;)?

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44 Responses to Bucket List “Suggestions?” Page

  1. George Gross says:

    What a great idea. George at Chanslor Ranch

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  2. treyzguy says:

    I love Medieval themed restaurants..the grog..the swords..the jousting.. the comely wenches…wait, sorry I digress

  3. michaelmulholland says:

    Great work…

  4. In Austin, Texas there a cool Ziplining place.
    In San Antonio, Texas theres a nice park called Brackenridge and it has nice trails and a river.

    Also in San Antonio a Restaurant called Big lous Pizza. The place has huge pizzas.

  5. http://thegradgap.wordpress.com/ my most recent post is a great little story about two men who are living out theor bucket list 🙂 have a read 🙂

  6. Nothing like Pure MICHIGAN! Mackinac Island is a must experience location, complete magic!

  7. Silvie says:

    What a great idea! I’ll hopefully be adding something soon to your page. 🙂

  8. Lykurgis says:

    well if your going to mackinaw you should for sure hit HELL, Paradise and Orgasm Michigan as well just to say you have and if your really into the Tshirt tour thing do Romeo Michigan and Juliet Ohio also during your roundy round jog over to grand rapids and see Meijer gardens

  9. whenexactly says:

    Iceland! The entire country! I rented a car, started in the capital and basically drove an entire circle seeing all the coasts and every point in between. On the best trips I’ve taken.

  10. DeDivahDeals says:

    fun and inspirational idea!

  11. If you’re seeking fun, there are so many options other than New Jersey (I left in ’87 after having endured there for years). Fodor’s has a wonderful weekly travel update to which anyone can subscribe. It’s a visual delight/quick read and chocked full of tantalizing destination possibilities.

  12. I’ve started writing my bucket list. I’m up to 50 things and want to get to 100. At some point I’ll stop by the suggestions place and recommend a few places and things I’ve already done.

  13. Mike says:

    I love the idea of your site. I love the bucket list idea I try to do a few things each year but mine is pretty informal. Will check back and check out your adventures!

  14. Great post, and thank you for the reminder of that whole Bucket List thing…I just tried scuba diving for the first time this morning…maybe write the blog after lunch…first things first!

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