Last weekend, I was able to cross a new state off my travel bucket list. Although I’ve been as far as Florida, I had never been to Georgia and finally got the chance to go thanks to my handsome cousin and his beautiful, new wife, who got married there.

Although I was only in Atlanta, Georgia for three days, I had an incredible time. Traveling there showed me what a wonderful place it would be to live. I can now also cross “travel to the largest airport in the world” off my bucket list, after venturing to the Atlanta International Airport. I thought it was wild how we often had to take a tram with at least four stops to get from one part of the airport to the other.

My parents, relatives, and I were so impressed by how nicely everyone treats each other in Georgia; at the airport everyone appeared happy to help without us even asking. Whenever we looked lost, someone would approach us asking if we needed directions. The same went for the hotel we stayed at and the car rental.

For the rehearsal dinner, we went to a really nice outdoor place with a hilarious name, known as the Fickle Pickle. We also found it interesting that in Georgia, most weddings are at night because it’s cooler, which gave everyone a nice chance to relax at the hotel pool/pool bar during the day. Another highlight from the trip was my adorable ten-year-old cousin catching the garter at the reception (don’t worry, no one made him put it up the girl who caught the bouquet’s leg). The girl who caught it actually said this was her fifth bouquet caught, but when she looked at her boyfriend laughing, he only shook his head at her.

Because I had a blast with my family at the rehearsal dinner, the hotel bar after dinner, along with the wedding and reception, I didn’t get to do much sightseeing. However, Friday night, after the dinner and a few drinks at the hotel bar, my dad, cousin, and I were introduced to a place known as Crystal’s right next to the hotel, which is very similar to White Castle’s, only in the South. My cousin and I cracked up when my dad ordered the 24-pack of burgers at the drive-thru, although the three of us were the last ones up.

I do however, have one funny story and event I’d like to share, which is that after my newfound love of it (here’s my previous article on geocaching), I decided to go geocaching!

Saturday, while my relatives were either relaxing, hanging out by the pool, or in the workout room, I decided I’d try to get some sun by going for a walk outside. Curious if there would be any caches near the hotel, I plugged it into my phone and alas, it showed there was a geocache about .5 miles from the hotel. I began walking in that direction and on the way saw (for one of the first times, aside from in zoos) my first live snake ever – eek! Even so, I continued walking and eventually came close to the area the cache was supposedly hiding.

Because of one of the clues, I had a feeling the cache was somewhere near this giant boulder located at the top of a grassy hill and in front of several trees. Below this hill was a parking lot, where two guys were standing talking.

After seeing the snake, I wasn’t sure I wanted to risk climbing through that grass in only flip-flops. I’d also been standing staring at the rock for a good few minutes, while the guys below had begun to look at me. “Maybe I should just go back,” I thought. Then I re-considered; “What kind of story would that make if I just turned around?”

Instead I decided to approach the guys, who had never heard of geocaching, and explain what I was doing to avoid looking crazy. I asked them if they thought there were snakes in the grass and although they laughed and replied in the affirmative, I decided to go for it. I was thrilled when I found the cache behind the rock (my first find on my own!) and I bet the guys were shocked too that I wasn’t just some insane girl staring at a rock.

The one guy said his brother was building a daycare on the property and joked that the next time they saw someone come they could just call out, “It’s right over there!” They told me that they were also originally from New Jersey.

Thanks to the beautiful rehearsal dinner, wedding, couple, and reception, super fun time spent with my family, gorgeous hotel, geocaching adventure, and nice, friendly people, I would definitely return to Georgia anytime. I apologize for all the adjectives, but I think that in this case, it was necessary!

So has anyone else been to or live near Georgia? What are some of the attractions, restaurants, and places you enjoy going to there? Anyone still have Georgia on his or her bucket list? I want to hear about your experiences!

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28 Responses to Georgia

  1. Pulelehua says:

    Been through GA. ate a Waffle House there on the way to FL. back in 2000. I do want to visit the old pirate town someday. Looks very cool! 🙂

  2. libertydrake says:

    Hi Christine, how amazing t be able to combine family, celebrations, multiple bucket list checks and heaps of adventure too!! I understand that the Southern hospitality is exceptional and I love the accent. I listen to Constance Lane Arnold who is a Life Coach based in Atlanta so I get to hear the sunshine in her voice…I’m British so our sunshine is less reliable!! Keep on shinning too Christine !!!

    • Aww thank you so much 🙂 But yes, I absolutely love their accents too! Then again I love British accents as well, haha. I will definitely have to listen to that now; thanks for sharing!

  3. renpiti says:

    I used to visit Georgia at least once a year for fun. There’s so much to do and see that I never feel like I’ve taken it all in. They even host a well-known sci-fi/fantasy convention there each year called DragonCon. It’s quite a spectacle, especially at night when all of the costumes are out on display.

    Now, if you ever make it to the Fayetteville, NC area, you could add, then cross off, “flying in the worlds largest wind tunnel in the world” to/from your list. 🙂

  4. Hi Christine,
    I’m glad you got to come visit Georgia. I live here now and have called it home for the past 23 years. If you enjoyed Atlanta, you should definitely come back through and visit some of the places off of the beaten path. 🙂 Helen, GA is like a small little Alpine Village…too neat. Macon is full of beautiful Cherry Trees in the Spring…and FULL of Southern Hospitality and a true Georgia accent. Savannah is also a “must see” city full of charm and wonderful stories. It’s Charleston, SC’s sister city.
    Geo-caching sounds fun. I’ve done it once years ago when it was first coming around, but i’ll bet it might be fun to pick that up sometime on a trip.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Audrey! You’re so lucky that you live in Georgia; I would love to live there someday, as it was so nice! I would definitely love to see more places there too; they all sound amazing 🙂 My second cousin is actually named after Savannah Georgia! Geocaching was a lot of fun, so I’d definitely recommend giving it a try sometime on a future trip. Thanks for your great suggestions!

  5. momof3isnuts says:

    My family relocated to the Atlanta area in 2006, from the Seattle area. At first it was a shock to us culturally, and climate-wise,since we moved in the middle of summer. We have found it hard to actually find Native Georgians because the area is full of transplants. Even though I don’t particularly care for the city, I have enjoyed some great food.and beer at Gordon Biersch, and R.Thomas Deluxe Grill. And a truly wonderful, unique shop, is Paris on Ponce. Interesting place, and a lot of skilled artists around the area.

    • That’s funny because some of my family actually did the opposite (due to work) and moved from Georgia to Seattle. I did notice that a couple of the people I met were from different areas though (a few of the people I met were originally from my home state of NJ). Those all sound awesome though; thank you for sharing them :)!

  6. One word: Okefenokee. Coolest place ever. I hear there’s a “squatch” there, too.:o)

  7. davecenker says:

    Just had Krystal’s this past weekend on our train hunting adventure in Jacksonville … yum 🙂

    Being from Florida, I am a close neighbor to Georgia. It is funny how Georgia is more of a southern state than Florida. With all the northern transplants moving to Florida, there is more of the traditional southern hospitality present in Georgia.

    I love your story about geocaching. Watch out for those muggles though 😉 The best thing that I like about geocaching is finding yourself in places that you would never dream of going to if it were not for the thrill of signing a log in the cache. Adventure at its best! 😉

    • Haha, that’s too funny; but yes, the Krystal’s burgers were so good 🙂 And that’s true; I lovee Florida, but there are a lot of people from the North there! And I completely agree about geocaching; my friend and I were discussing how cool it would be if they had like a FourSquare geocache version, where it simply brings you to beautiful hidden spots and you have to check in lol

  8. Diana Busby says:

    I have lived in GA, off and on, for most of my life. There are many, many interesting places to visit. I’ve just begun to explore them myself. One place every visitor should see is Stone Mountain. Many of the towns have historical significance because we were among the original 13 colonies.

    Your blog gave me the idea to start Georgia Adventures with Pauliana. I haven’t written my first post yet, but the topic is Rose Hill Cemetery, in Macon, GA. It’s a huge cemetery with many historical stories to document… I have the pictures, just need to do some more research…

    Geocaching is on my list of things to do before I … you get it. I’ll have to read your article for more information. Sounds like a great way to find content to fill the blog pages.

    • Hi Diana! Stone Mountain sounds awesome, as does your visit to the cemetery. I look forward to reading your future posts about your upcoming adventures 🙂 Geocaching is so much fun, so definitely let me know if you wind up trying it!

  9. warmsunshine says:

    I have only been to Atlanta once, but it was in February, and the daffodils were already blooming (while there was snow on the ground at home!) I loved that, but wondered about how hot the summers were. It’s a fun city!

    I watch a lot of HGTV, and have been amazed at the cost of living in the Atlanta area. Houses that would be around $600,000-$800,000 where I live sell for $250,000-$400,00 there. Amazing! I would think Atlanta would be an awesome place to live! Let us know if you decide to move there! 🙂 You could write a “welcome wagon” blog! 🙂

  10. Sean Breslin says:

    Glad you had a chance to visit my fair state! There’s a ton to do downtown — see the fish at the Georgia Aquarium, catch a Braves game or see a show at the Fox Theater — but the food scene has really blossomed lately. I see you ate well, but there are a slew of food trucks and a lot more great dining waiting for you on your next visit!

  11. tryouth says:

    I live 5 minutes down the road from Old Roswell(Canton street). I enjoy the Fickle Pickle.. I work in the restaurant and hospitality industry and that street is cutting edge with many great restaurants. My favorite is the brand new concept called “Opulent.” Other cool ones on that street are Zest, Ceviche and Salt Factory. That whole area of Old Historic Roswell is great.. There are museum homes with tours teaching the history of how Barrington Hall came down from the Carolinas to start a textile mill and subsequently the town was born. Some of the machinery and structures are just down the street along the river. The list goes on.. If you come back sometime soon get in touch with me and I would love share what I know about the suburbs and the city.. I could even be your tour guide!

  12. Hi! I nominated you for The Loyal Reader and Wonderful Team Membership Awards. Please get the badges at and get more info. Enjoy and have a great day!

  13. glaxforio18 says:

    You make me wanna go to Georgia. Guess i’ll add that to my bucket list…will def. wanna see that airport nd all. What do you do with the cache you find geocaching?

    • Haha, yes it was a lot of fun there :)! And typically, once you find the cache, you’re supposed to replace the prizes with new, but equally good prizes. Since I didn’t have any to replace it with, I just signed my name (there’s usually a little notebook w/a pen in the caches) and left the prizes!

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