What’s on Your Bucket List?


Yesterday, I learned a new lesson: When you have time to kill before going to Ninja Restaurant in downtown New York, the most fun thing to do is approach 20 random people and ask them what the number one thing they want to cross off their bucket lists is.


These photos are from when I went to watch the ball drop on New Years Eve, but I feel they capture how awesome New York is.

Because I had gotten to the restaurant about 40 minutes early (which is shocking for me) and was still waiting for a good friend from school to meet me there, I decided New York was the ideal place to do these “Man on the Street” interviews, as my journalism professor called them. I didn’t ask people for their names, as I felt they might be more reluctant to give a truthful answer or might give me a fake name anyway, but I promise that armed with my pink flower sticky notepad (my phone was dying, so I had to resort to drastic measures), I truly did ask twenty strangers what was on the top of their bucket lists as they walked by. I was thrilled that though some answers were similar, most of their answers were as diverse as the people I asked. Here is what they came up with:

1. To tango in Buenos Aires

2. To buy “that MacBook Pro.”

3. To find a new boyfriend after my divorce.

4. To run the New York City marathon.

5. To get an education.

6. To go on a trip around the world.

7. To go sky diving.

8. To go to Japan.

9. To learn how to ride a bike.

10. To get someone to pay off my student loans.

11. To become a certified diver.

12. To go on a world tour on a sailboat.

13. To go on a world tour on a sailboat (these two were friends, and the second friend wound up saying, “Yeah, me too.”)

14. I guess to see my kids successfully through their futures, but I don’t want to do that yet *laughing.*

15. To go to Brazil.

16. To go sky diving.

17. To pay for school. (This passerby was hesitant, so when I mentioned someone else said that one, he said “Yeah, that one!”)

18. To watch a soccer game at White Hart Lane in London.

19. Just to travel, to travel the world.

20. I’ve always wanted to live in Prague for a year.


How awesome are people? I was a little worried to approach everyone at first, as I know New York can be a tough crowd, since most people are rushing to get places, but only a few kept walking away from what could have been a delusional girl in a little black dress, taking notes on pink, flowery sticky notes. The majority were happy to help and even seemed to enjoy thinking about it.

Only one woman, the last, actually, said, “What a great project” and was nice enough to take the time to ask what my blog was called, which I wrote down for her. So if you’re reading this post, thank you for that, because it really meant a lot. What I loved about doing this exercise, was considering how it really might get people thinking about their bucket lists and what to put on them.

What do you guys think of the responses? And I know I ask this question quite a lot, but I want to ask you guys, what is the number one thing you’d cross off your bucket lists?

Oh, and stay tuned! I’ll let you all know how Ninja Restaurant was soon!

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133 Responses to What’s on Your Bucket List?

  1. eddymontana says:

    No 18 on your list sounds mundane to me giving that I live next to white hart lane in Tottenham though I support the better team, Arsenal FC . Funny how going to NYC is also on my bucket list

    • Haha, that’s awesome though! But don’t worry, this wasn’t my list per say, lol, I asked 20 strangers what was the #1 item on their bucket lists. And that’s cool, I hope you get to NYC! 🙂

  2. csimmons079 says:

    thank you for following my brand new blog. You are an inspiration to “do-ers” out there looking to cross things off their list. Loving reading your posts.

  3. For some reason this post has got me thinking of the book “The Dice Man” by Luke Reinhart. Thanks for following my blog. I will put my thinking cap on and return with the number 1 on my bucket list.

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