Ninja Restaurant NYC

I must admit that thanks to my guilty pleasure — watching the “Snooki & JWOWW” show online — I first found out about Ninja Restaurant in NYC. Being from the New Jersey, I should really dislike these shows for the false stereotypes they bring upon my good ol’ state. Although I secretly admire the characters a bit for their ability to have so much fun, I’ve genuinely never met anyone from NJ who acts like that. Even so, I have to thank them for the introduction to this restaurant. After doing some research on Ninja Restaurant, I decided it was an ideal addition to my “Dining” bucket list.

Caitlyn, a friend of mine from school, is currently doing an awesome internship in NYC. I asked her if she would want to meet up there to go to Ninja. We picked a day and I took the train, then a taxi, to Downtown New York, where I eventually met up with her. The first taxi driver kept pointing to my phone (which, naturally, I wasn’t smart enough to fully charge beforehand), asking me to give HIM directions — it turns out we were going in the opposite direction — so I hopped out of there, found a new taxi, and arrived in Downtown New York.

Because I got there about forty minutes early (which is shocking for me, as I’m notorious for rushing to everything), I killed some time by asking twenty strangers what the number one item on their bucket lists is. If you want, you can check out that article here. Because I had some of my pink flowered sticky notes in my bag, the aftermath of my “Leave inspirational

Eating at Ninja was a great experience. Not only was it nice seeing Caitlyn, who I hadn’t seen since school ended, but it was also a blast walking through the mini Ninja village to our table. The waiters (ninjas) had great personalities, were happy to take photos with us, and even gave us both nicknames (Jersey for me, and for Caitlyn, the name of where she is interning).

Although it’s a little bit pricey, I thought it was an amazing deal for a themed restaurant in NYC. I got the lamb and Caitlyn ordered a seafood meal; we also both got drinks. Plus, I got to watch them set my meal on fire in front of me, while they asked all of the people eating there to chant things so the “dragon egg” would appear.

If you want to try something different and live around or happen to be in NYC, I’d definitely recommend checking out Ninja. My food was awesome, and combined with the good entertainment; it was well worth going to. Although I’m pretty old to be saying this, I also got to cross something else off my bucket list: riding a train by myself for the first time. With the good food, friends, and an adventure, I couldn’t ask for a better bucket list experience.

Oh, and I apologize for being MIA for a few days; I’ve been moving stuff into my new apartment again and visiting some friends down at school this weekend!

So has anyone else ever been to one of the Ninja restaurants? Do you have any other theme restaurants you enjoy? I’d love to hear from you guys!

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43 Responses to Ninja Restaurant NYC

  1. Sean Breslin says:

    Looks like a fun place…I’ll be up there in a week, so I may give it a try!

  2. what were the new bucket list answers? i did a naked cake party in the streets this weekend ( and explained that it was sort of a bucket list idea of mine 🙂 people started sharing their info too, and it was really interesting– i’ll have to send you their responses:)

    • Aww I just read your post and that was adorable :)! And some of my favorites were “Find a new boyfriend after my divorce,” “Learn to ride a bike,” and “Get an education” or the other one was “Pay off my student loans.” Lol

  3. Violet says:

    Have heard about this place for years but that it’s pricey as well

  4. Charlotte Hayes says:

    Hi lovely! I just nominated you for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award! Check it out here:

    <3, Charlotte

  5. omg i want to go there!!!! I am also from Jersey and I hate hate hate that show!!! hahaha but i spend all my time watching the Kardashians so is that really different…? I don’t know. I work in the city so I will have to check out this restaurant sometime. Thanks for an awesome post.

  6. potretbikers says:

    A beautiful place….. 😀

  7. optimisticgladness says:

    Authentic! Thanks for sharing! How much does it cost to rent a bike there?

  8. rommel says:

    our country could use those parking slots for bikes. nice 🙂

  9. I can’t think of anything I’d rather NOT do than eat at a themed restaurant, unless they’re playing first rate jazz. I hope the food was good enough to make it worthwhile. Congrats, however, on riding a train by yourself for the first time. Doing things on your own is a really important growth experience. I remember my first trip to Europe ALONE, no one to plan or consult with, finding transportation, accommodation, food, friends. Figuring out what I wanted to see and do, all by my self. Overcoming that ghost of fear that lingers until you actually face it and do it. It’s wonderful for your self confidence, knowing that you can get on alone. It’s empowering and freeing.

    • Haha, that’s too funny, but I can understand that POV as well! And I’d actually love to go to a restaurant playing jazz music; I’m not sure if I’ve ever gone to a place that specifically does that, but it sounds so nice. And I think you capture the feeling of doing things on your own perfectly. It definitely made my want to go out and do some more traveling on my own 🙂

  10. Fire & Ice in Cambridge, Boston & RI is a blast 🙂 They cook the food in front of you!!

  11. I love Ninja! I went there a while back and the food was amazing. Our waiter was a bit cheesy, but entertaining nonetheless. I love how private and dimly lit everything is, too. I think I’m going back again soon. 🙂

  12. Carolyn says:

    This sounds like so much fun! Yay 😀

  13. love nyc dining. will have to check this out, lma

  14. kristensehn says:

    My dad works in the city so I go there pretty often. I have never been to Ninja, but the one place we love to go to is Carmine’s! Delicious family style Italian food with family sized portions. I know there are 2 locations in NYC since that is where it originated and they have 4 other locations. I definitely recommend it!


  15. I love your blog! I, too, am a bucket list blogger. We have a lot of similar things. If you have a moment, please check out my page!

  16. Hi, just to let you know that I’ve nominated you for an award, the Bouquet of 3. If you want to come and claim your award on my page that’s great, but otherwise just know that I really enjoy your blog, I think it’s awesome 🙂

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  18. Carolina says:

    I dream visiting this NYC, you’re so lucky!! 🙂

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