What’s on Your Bucket List? (Part II)

Hi all! Again, I want to thank everyone who entered the giveaway. Although there was only one winner, I genuinely can’t thank you all enough for providing such interesting answers to the question, “What is the #1 item you want to cross off your bucket lists?” A couple weeks ago I asked 20 strangers in NYC this same question; you can view that post here. I thought it might be fun to compile all of your answers together and make a list. If I forgot to add one of your responses to this list, please let me know ASAP and I’ll add it to the list!

1. Something I would love to cross off my bucket list is to create a team, fund raise & do a walk for March for Dimes! It is fairly new to me, but they raise money for pre-mature babies. Since I want to become a neonatal nurse, I would love to do this while in nursing school before my career gets started
2. I would like to cross off the one that says I will get my weight under 200 pounds and keep it there. Ugh!
3. Owning a scooter whilst living in Asia!
4. Something on my bucket list is to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail!
5. I want to pay for someone’s coffee in the drive thru as you did!
6. [I] would love to complete her Memoirs some day soon.
7. I want to visit an art museum and read all the little captions that i always skip over
8. I would love to walk the Way of Saint James, the 500 mile trek across Europe!! What a profound journey it would be!
9. One thing I’d like to cross off my bucket list is drive from southwest US (San Diego) to northeast US (Lubec or Eastport or Caribou, Maine).
10. There’s quite a few things on my bucket list, but the biggest thing on my list has to be donating my hair. I’ve always kept short hair so growing it out to be the proper length is a challenge, but I hope to cross this off my bucket list shortly after I graduate!
11. One of my bucket list items is to go on a hot air balloon ride!!
12. I have always wanted to leave kind notes in public for others to discover. Thanks for being such an inspiration!
13. One thing on my bucket list that I really want to cross off is to travel outside of the country alone and to ‘vacation’ in another country with a different culture for at least 3 months.
14. I would love to bake a batch of cookies (or two or three) and just show up with them at friends and families doors.
15. One thing I want to cross off my bucket list is to take an archery class! I think it would be a lot of fun
16. Thanks for being so inspiring! First thing on my bucket list is to create an inspiring bucket list!
17. My bucket list is an ongoing project! But one thing that remains constant, is to have vacation time just me and my grandkids No moms or dads, just us!
18. I would love to be able to foster children in the future when mine have all grown up
19. The next thing to cross off of my bucket list: Dedicating this Christmas to a sponsor family – in which I receive no gifts from anyone!
20. I would like to attend a game at every Major League Baseball stadium.
21. Still there are many things I want to do in life but my main one is to write and publish a book.
22. Hello. I would love to reunite a family member with his daughter.
23. I would love to get my project www.facebook.com/HappyFridayInc soaring around the globe! Maybe have a specific day and time where everybody gives a stranger a random gift of kindness and suddenly, in one single moment, the whole world lights up with sunshine! I know, crazy, huh?!!
24. I’d like to hike down Havasupai Falls!
25. I’d like to eat an authentic Italian meal in Italy — no particular preference for which city therein!
26. I’d love to check out some of the biggest libraries throughout Europe.
27. I would love to travel to Egypt and see the pyramids….
28. I want to sing karaoke
29. I want to be able to cross off visiting India from my bucket list!
30. The biggest thing in my bucket list is: owning my own home!!!
31. One of the most challenging items on my list: Qualify for the Boston Marathon (and then run it)
32. One of the things I want to cross off my bucket list is to storm chase in the Midwest
 So now I’ll ask you, dear readers, what is the #1 item you want to cross off your bucket lists?
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42 Responses to What’s on Your Bucket List? (Part II)

  1. katyhancock says:

    I agree with the karaoke 🙂

  2. mandala56 says:

    I have lots of goals, but one that qualifies as “bucket list” would be taking a trip across the Atlantic on one of the Holland America line ships. I did that as a kid and I want to do it as an adult!

  3. Yes, to everything about this post. I’ll do 8, 20, 26, and 27. I’ve done #25: (pizza in Venice and Rome along with penne in Bologna). I did #26 while in London (British Library), but I would like to see more libraries. Got close on #13 in Europe (5 weeks), but I would’ve loved another month.

  4. kukolina says:

    My favorite one or one of my favorite one is the person who would bake cookies for others. That is so sweet to have something like that on your bucket list! I wish I would be her neighbor! 🙂

  5. kukolina says:

    I think I have pretty much done the things I wanted to do but there is one thing that is not in my hands sort of say… I would love to meet a couple (probably with kids) who would like us and we would enjoy each other’s company so much that one day we would all go on a vacation together.

  6. Oh I love this, it’s so inspiring, and though I don’t have a bucket list yet…it’s time to create one! I imagine a big pciture/collage of a bucket on my wall and post-it notes of the things I want to do, which can be added to or taken off as and when and…one thing I’d really like to do…it REALLY try the whole, ‘Pay It Forward’ thing. Do something really nice for three people, maybe three people a year, that’s not necessarily that easy for me to do, and ask them to pay it forward. And I must have copies of the book/film to hand out too in case my receivers haven’t seen it/don’t know about it AND…when it’s done, get it written up as an article in the local paper! OK, now I have to sum that up in less words so I can put it on a post it note! Thanks for the inspiration! Blessings and gratitude, H xxx

    • Haha, a collage would be amazing 🙂 And yes, the ‘Pay it Forward’ idea is so much fun! I absolutely love that movie. You should definitely try and do that; how cool would it be if it got in the paper!

  7. My biggest and most important item would be to travel around the world 🙂

  8. lukeholdsworth says:

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  9. My most immediate item on my list is to get healthier and have at least 100 people along the way reading about it and hopefully joining in. C’mon over! http://www.bulgingbuttons.wordpress.com .

  10. Great lists! Thanks for sharing them all. 🙂

    To the person who wants to hike through the entire Appalachian Trail: I’d love to do that, too. 🙂

  11. seasiangirl says:

    love this… its so interesting to hear what everyone wants to do. I guess mine would be to visit South America xoxo

  12. First, Hi! And thank you for following J2I. 😉 I have gotten sucked in by your blog, so I definitely will be back!

    The #1 thing on my bucket list (possibly the only thing on my bucket list!) would be sailing across the ocean.

  13. Hey there! I nominated you for the I Am Part of the WordPress Family Award. Please get the badge at http://wp.me/1Kc0N and follow the instructions!

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  15. rafavoa says:

    I was someone wrote that he´d like to get his own blog running and inspire others. I´m with you, bro. Very inspirational by the way! I have my own bucketlist…I just started adding new things! Just one of the dumb ones: I hate spiders. Im not an arachnophobic…but I surely don´t like them. Well I´d like to cross the one off my list that sais “have a tarantula on the palm of your hand”….

  16. Patrick Day says:

    The number 1 thing on my bucket list is go to the Holy Land and walk the same earth that Jesus walked, to see what He saw, and to experience the culture He lived in while here on earth.

  17. ocdjm says:

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    Finding inner peace

  18. OddMachine says:

    I Love your bucket list!
    Its inspired me to post my own bucket list which will require deep thinking on what it is I reallllly want to do.
    A few of mine would be
    To become a National Geographic Photographer/Explorer before 30
    To Backpack through Europe with my closest friends
    To start an fundraising organization where less fortunate kids/teens can travel certain places in the world as a group.

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