Hello All You Kind People :)


Hi guys!

On a whim, I just entered the Dr. Pepper tuition contest and would highly encourage other college students to enter; the prize is 10,000 πŸ™‚ I promise I will try to vote for anyone who enters! It would also be greatly appreciated if you guys vote for me as well; here is the link where you can vote:


Happy bucket listing everyone! What do you guys think of the contest?



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43 Responses to Hello All You Kind People :)

  1. I think it’s neat! Cute photos btw!

  2. mamamlk says:

    Good luck!!! You deserve it!

  3. hadassaab says:

    Reblogged this on hadassaab.

  4. hadassaab says:

    I think those r sweet memories………….☺nice photos

  5. kukolina says:

    I went on the link but I did not find where I can actually vote… help me out please!

    xoxo, Eszter

  6. btg5885 says:

    You win the award for the most fun shoes in your first pciture. I hope you win and get to be a Pepper. BTG

  7. Michelle says:

    I clicked the link and it only goes to a page on how to apply for the scholarship.

  8. onlyvic says:

    Yeah me too. I couldn’t vote on the link you gave. 😦 Let me know when you figure it out so I can definitely vote for you!

  9. Topaz says:

    Best of luck to you!

  10. History repeated itself again with myself. I tried to vote and it just asked for a log in for the profile. Hope you get it though! Blessings always come full circle one way or another! πŸ™‚

  11. Mark says:

    Great ideas! You are awesome! Thank you for following my blog! Can you tell us what the note at the door says?

  12. mfedgr8 says:

    Good luck! If you get enough votes, is this the contest where you go to the SEC championship? If you win, I’ll be proud I voted for you.
    Thanks 4 following my blog!

  13. Chelsea says:

    Thank you for the idea! I am looking for anyway to help me fund my time studying abroad, and this is a great concept! You have my vote πŸ™‚ Here is my profile

  14. The Dreamer says:

    I just voted for you! Here’s the link for mine. http://www.drpeppertuition.com/profile/100004627272549
    Thanks for sharing!

  15. Margo Blue says:

    I voted for you, girlfriend! πŸ™‚

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