Bucket Listory #11

I asked a stranger:


1). What is the number one item you want to cross off your bucket list?Β 

To sky dive!

2). What is the best thing you believe you have accomplished in life so far?

My answer is going to sound a little crude.

[Crude is totally acceptable].

Losing my virginity.

[Guy next to him: You did?]

What is a bucket listory? Find out more here: https://projectlighttolife.wordpress.com/bucket-listories/%5D

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20 Responses to Bucket Listory #11

  1. acuriousgal says:

    Oh my gosh, what a response from the guy next to him!

  2. Frances D says:

    I love the mix of folks you’re selecting for this. Looking forward to the next.

  3. maverick911 says:

    haha…nice one! “Guy next to him” was thinking that he is not the only one all this while…

  4. Jim Bradrick says:

    If by best he meant the most pleasurable I could begin to understand. If by best he meant the most significant then I would seriously wonder. And if by best he meant the most memorable I would definitely wonder. Sex is a lot of fun however there are things in life that are quite probably more important, significant and of benefit to humanity. (I won’t be offended if you choose to remove this comment.)

    • pamsworldblog says:

      I see where you’re coming from. But he is homeless and we don’t know how long he’s been homeless. He could have been homeless since he was a teenager for all we know. A homeless person doesn’t have the same opportunities for the experiences that we may get. So to him, losing his virginity may well be the best thing he ever did because he never experiences anything else other than the homeless life. Do you see where I’m coming from?

  5. By best I believe he meant selfless share

  6. Miss.Poot says:

    Maybe a super brilliant kid came outt of that accomplishment. Lol.
    I’m loving these. Keep it up!

  7. milambc says:

    You’re presenting such wonderful diversity with the people you’ve chosen thus far out of eleven of these. I’m loving that! Great answer too hahaha.

  8. gene3067 says:

    This one shows the courage it takes to do the Listory project. You never know what the answers are going to be.

  9. swedenole13 says:

    Thanks for the morning giggle! Loving these stories!

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