Make a Shutterfly Album for Grandpa



I discovered Shutterfly last year when a friend showed me an album she made through the site for her parents and am so glad I did.  If you are unfamiliar with Shutterfly, it lets you create personalized photo books, photo cards, calendars, stationary, and more.

Last year, I decided that it would be a lot of fun if I created an album for my grandpa’s birthday and began creating it months in advance. I decided to use every single photo that my grandpa and I have ever been in together, from when I was first born and he and my grandma came to visit me at my original house, to my communion, to a group family photo at a luau we attended, and, at the end, photos of his four grandchildren.


Because a lot of those photos were taken before the days of digital cameras and were not all on my computer, I used my Iphone to take photos of the hard copy photos we already had — in other words, a picture of a picture. I’m lucky my mom took millions of photos while I was growing up because going through all of these old memories was a blast.

After I took hundreds of photos with my iPhone, I emailed every one of them to myself, and from my email, moved them to iPhoto, where I created an album called “Grandpa’s Photos.” If some of the photos came out dark, I used iPhoto’s editing features to lighten them. I also used more recent photos that were already on my computer or Facebook account.

Creating an account on Shutterfly is really simple, as is developing one of the photo books, once you upload all of the photos you want to use. There are various themes, layouts, and designs you can add to your photo book, which results in a professional looking hardcover album full of memories.IMG_9355

I could care less about what the book cost, but another nice thing about Shutterfly is that they always send coupons with amazing deals via email, including opportunities to get free magnets, calendars, and more, which is a great added addition to your gift. If I sound like a sales person, it’s because I think Shutterfly offers a wonderful opportunity to give friends or the people you love thoughtful gift, while having a great time doing so.


I remember I couldn’t wait to give my grandpa his gift last year and he seemed to love it. It’s now on display in his house and although he looked through the book when we were together, I remember him telling me he went home and looked through everything carefully then as well, while commenting about certain memories or photos I had added to the book.

So if you were trying to think up Christmas gift ideas, I would highly recommend checking out Shutterfly! Or, if you just want to make an album for someone for fun, no matter what time of year it is, that would be great too.


On a side note, I apologize it has been quite some time since the last blog post! The end of the semester has gotten a bit hectic, but the good news is that in two weeks our finals are over and we go on winter break : ) I can’t wait to again dedicate all of my time to Project Light to Life and my wonderful readers over winter!

Has anyone else used Shutterfly to make an album or other type of memorabilia for someone you love or received a Shutterfly album? I’d love to hear from you guys!


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27 Responses to Make a Shutterfly Album for Grandpa

  1. omtatjuan says:

    Wow! Dad looked so happy to be standing next his daughter!

  2. chelawriter says:

    Thanks for the heads up about Shutterfly – I’ll look at it to create an album of pics which were originally slides my father took in Vietnam in the mid-1950s. They’ve been digitized and are now on my computer, but I’d like them as hard copy too, as a gift for a friend.

  3. mamamlk says:

    Shutterfly is great! Being a photo fiend….I’ve been using them forever! Albums for my kids birth, family vacations, and more. A few things you may not know to help you out….there is a phone app so you can upload from your phone right to shutterfly. You can also create albums from your phone, but I prefer the fun of spending hours customizing on the PC. Also….you can make family share sites. For example….for my parents anniversary I created a share site. I invited all the people I invites to view and share on the site. This way I could upload photos and so could anyone else that attended and we’d be notified that more photos are uploaded. I have one for each family (mine and both sets of I laws) and I upload photos for all sorts of events that we so together so we can always share the photos. I believe that has a mobile app too.

    It’s pretty great. If you have questions let me know. I’m kind of an addict.

    A few others you might like (similar) and pic (editing)


  4. natjtan says:

    I did something very similar for my Dad’s 70th with all the pictures of family pets my family has had since I was born. There was a lot of scanning involved!

  5. worzelodd says:

    Great Idea- Thinking of Shutterfly for Godfrey

  6. 4mygodsglory says:

    I love shutterfly! I have made so many albums for friends and family, as well as posters with picture collages! God bless and have fun making more!

  7. I’m not familiar with shutterfly, but it sounds like a wonderful idea to make an album for loved ones. My daughter made a calendar for her grandparents with a family photo at the top of each month. I’ll have to check out shutterfly. Thanks!!!

  8. ouidepuis1 says:

    So sweet! I used snapfish a couple of times. Same thing I guess. It’s the best thing! I love it! And it is so much more handy than back in the day when you had to occupy the whole dinner/coffee table for days and days!

  9. cliffordma says:

    Thanks for reading my blog-I too have a bucket list blog. I think they are liberating and really make me more appreciative of each day. When my husband was in Iraq, I made so many shutterfly albums for him and even wrote poeims in them-now they are momentos. This reminded me maybe it’s time to make a new one. Stay in touch! Best wishes!

  10. gillybean10 says:

    I love, love, LOVE Shutterfly! Being a sentimental gal myself, I appreciate being able to easily yet effectively give the people I love gifts from the heart. Plus, the site is super wallet friendly 🙂

  11. I really appreciate your blog and work so I have nominated you for the versatile blogger award. I posted the rules around the award on my blog if you are interested.

  12. My sister and I made a Shutterfly photo book for my parents’ 50th anniversary. We told the story of their 50 years of marriage in photos and text. They loved it, as did we. What a keepsake! I treasure the copy I kept. Great gift idea for those who have lived long, full lives well worth documenting and preserving in a hard copy of words and images.

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