Share Your Story! (A Call for Submissions)


Over the past few months, I started a project in which I went to random public places and asked strangers two questions (You can check out peoples’ photos and responses here):

1). What is the #1 item you want to cross off your bucket list?

2). What is the best thing you believe you have ever accomplished in life?

I recently thought, how cool would it be if I ask my subscribers/people from all over the Internet to send in their responses as well and publish them on Project Light to Life’s Facebook page?

No names will be included, only a photo you send me of yourself, your two responses, and the country you are from (message me your photo and response at Project Light to Life’s Facebook page or email me atΒ  I will then publish your photo and responses on theΒ  page! I still plan on going to random places and asking people these questions, but a lot of people seem to enjoy reading these, so asking for online submissions will provide us with even more fun stories to read.

I had a post, asking similar questions the other day, so if you already answered those, that makes it even easier for you! You can just copy and paste your responses and then all you have to do is send me a photo from your Facebook profile pic, etc :).

So what lovely readers are interested/will I be hearing from today?

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28 Responses to Share Your Story! (A Call for Submissions)

  1. I just received an award. Again? Anyway Christine, I have nominated you on my blog, along with 9 other candidate blogs. It should be up and running on my blog within the hour :O)

  2. sowayfarer says:

    What an great idea! Keep it going.

  3. govimurillo says:

    awesome idea. I must say i got inspired with this attempt πŸ™‚ Like Humans in New York got me stuck in doing random stuff. Keep it up!

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  5. Great idea! I need time to find the time to do this!

  6. such a lovely idea! i wish u every success with it. now run with it πŸ˜€

  7. Frank K. says:

    Hi Christine. Thanks for checking out my blog. My own list of things I want to do keeps growing and changing. Best to you, Frank

  8. Thanks for following my blog.

  9. doronart says:

    Great ideas and well done for making our world better. You see you get so tall by doing it that you even have to bend down so you can get yourself in a picture…. No you should not stand tall and be proud you doing nice things for others and it is beautiful.

  10. Thanks for the response. πŸ˜€ I just hit you up on Facebook with my pic and answers. I’m thrilled to be included in this one!! πŸ˜€

  11. Rose F says:

    I just wanted to say that I think this is a great idea. I can’t participate because I don’t post pictures of myself online for reasons of personal safety. (I’m a domestic violence survivor writing under a pseudonym) But I wanted to encourage you anyway. Good luck!

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