Attend a Wine Tasting & Go to a Vineyard


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While studying abroad in Australia, someone from the group asked if anyone would be interested in doing a wine tour; of course, my answer was an automatic yes. Not only did I cross “attend a wine tasting” off my bucket list and “go to a vineyard,” but we also wound up going to four different vineyards and tasting over 52 different wines. We signed up to taste eight additional wines at the first vineyard for $5, because, as someone suggested, “When in Rome,” or in this case, “When in Australia,” right?


Cruising along beautiful country roads in Australia with my group of fellow winos on a 70 to 80 degree day, or as Australians would say, about 21 to 25 degrees C, was incredible. Not only did we have an amiable tour guide, but we also met several nice middle-aged couples on the trip. One couple, who were from San Francisco, told us they had lived abroad in Sweden for a year. Another couple from Switzerland discussed how they opened a charity in the last country they had traveled to. A group of girls in their late twenties were also part of our group. There is nothing like bonding with a group of strangers after a couple of drinks.

 At the second place, we had lunch and were able to select from a range of quality dishes; I went with the ravioli. I wound up getting placed close to the two middle-aged couples at the table, which actually wound up being a lot of fun. Travel is all about branching out, right?


Each winery was more beautiful than the next and while I am no expert on wine, a topic I can save for one of my best friends who happens to be a wine minor at her culinary school, that day, I felt as if I were a wine master.


A group of college aged kids on a wine tour may not be the epitome of culture, but we all made sure to dress the part and to take photos with our pinkies up. At one point, when we were beginning to feel the wine a bit, one of our friends, while smiling, slammed his hand down on the bar and told the bartender “Hit me”; of course we all found his action amusing, after he later lamented breaking out of his “classy wine tour attendee” role.


 The vineyards ranged from large vineyards to smaller, privately owned vineyards that I appreciated for their quaintness. After the tour, we wound up going into the city for a bite to eat and to reflect on our day.


If you have never done a wine tour, I would definitely recommend looking into it, either for a holiday, special occasion, or just for fun!

So has anyone else been on a wine tour? I’d love to hear about your experiences.

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23 Responses to Attend a Wine Tasting & Go to a Vineyard

  1. mihrank says:

    That is a good idea, I truly enjoy attending a wine tasting with tour. This is such a wonderful idea. Bravo!

  2. jona562662 says:

    If only I was 21… *sigh*

  3. Wine tours are fun! Did a great one in South Africa! Although I must admit, some of the wines started to taste the same by the end! 😉

  4. paytonjade says:

    What would we do without wine?? 🙂

  5. Summer Lover says:

    Sounds awesome! I’m thinking of starting a bucket list, but I’m not even 21 hahaha.

  6. Morguie says:

    We went to Queensland in 2005 and took in several wine-tasting tours. What a wonderful place! I even got a personal lesson in boomerang-throwing in a paddock at one of the places, by our driver, who is an Aborigine. He presented me with a handmade, hand-painted boomerang to remember him by, as well. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip there and dream of the day I can do it again.

  7. kbatch says:

    Hey! Awesome post! I’m studying abroad in Australia this summer (their winter, unfortunately). I’ll be based out of Brisbane and will be going on mini excursions to Hervey Bay/Lady Elliot Island, Lamington & Carnavron National Parks (also plan to spend a week in NZ before the actual program starts). Any suggestions for must-go places?

    • Ah, so glad to hear you’re going to Australia! Hmm, well I was actually in Melbourne the whole time, but if you get a chance, please do go to Melbourne; it was a beautiful city/area and I absolutely loved it 🙂 We also traveled along the Great Ocean Road, which I would definitely recommend! Can’t wait to read more about your adventures!

  8. Hannah says:

    What an awesome experience! I’ve never been wine tasting but my parents have recently gotten into going on wine tours. They went to the finger lakes in New York and toured a bunch of vineyards. They said it was awesome. Obviously though, Australia totally pwns New York for exotic wine adventures lol

  9. kbatch says:

    *CARNARVON, that is

  10. Thanks for following my blog. I used to live in Sonoma California and we lived the life of wine everyday. It was marvelous. Nice post and I am following you as well.

  11. robertsonwrites says:

    That looks like an excellent time!

  12. This sounds amazing, looked like you had a lot of fun! I’m moving to Perth in July, and i’m sooooo looking forward to going wine tasting, visiting vineyards and cappuccino strips that i’ve heard so much about! 🙂

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