Ride a Mechanical Bull



           Last Friday was the anniversary of my 21st birthday. I have reached the age Taylor Swift idealizes and laments in her infamous song. A group of nine friends and I headed to Atlantic City, where we stayed at the Showboat Hotel and Casino, got dinner at The House of Blues, and later, went to Club Dusk, since we had already tried Harrah’s Pool After Dark on our last visit. My mom also stopped by at dinner to say hello, drop off gifts, then left to meet up with a friend. Other than it being my birthday, being surrounded by great people, and being in a fun atmosphere, the epitome of my night was crossing an item of my bucket list that I have wanted to try for a long time now: riding a mechanical bull.


            “Are you ready to ride the bull?!” my friends kept asking as we headed to the Mountain Bar at Bally’s, where Atlantic City’s mechanical bull is located. Last year, we tried to ride the bull, but by the time we reached the bar, it had already closed. As I walked up to the woman with the waver form, I expected I would be told to wait in the long line that appeared to surround the bull. But after I signed the waver, she looked at me, smiled, and said, “Alright, you’re next!”


            As one of the clumsiest girls known to man, I did not expect to have a very long ride on the bull, a prediction that wound up being accurate. Even so, my two seconds or so riding the bull was a blast and after I got off, I continued to shout, “THAT WAS THE BEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE!” It was so great, that somehow, I wound up trying to ride the bull one more time and stayed on a bit longer the second time around. I know in the video, the bull appears ridiculously tame, but trust me, it was harder to hold on than it looks like in the video. I had talked about crossing this item off my bucket list for months. “I’m a college student. It shouldn’t be so hard to find a mechanical bull,” I thought. Finally, my dreams came true.


           In general, I had a wonderful birthday. In a recent blog post, I wrote about how my grandfather passed away while I was studying abroad in Australia. While it may have been a fluke, early in the afternoon of my birthday on my way to class, I looked down and noticed that my phone had randomly selected my grandfather’s happy birthday message from last year. Of course, this sight brought a smile to my face and when I called my parents back a few minutes later, I couldn’t help but start crying. I hadn’t thought to listen to the message since he passed away and noticed that I had also saved his message from the year before that as well, so it was a nice birthday surprise to hear his voice again.


            My grandma and grandpa used to love going to Atlantic City together, so when I told my aunt what had happened, she said she hoped they brought us luck at the casinos. While my friends and I did not wind up gambling, my dad asked my mom to play a round of roulette for him. When she went up to the table, she told the dealer she had absolutely no idea how to play roulette. The dealer told her he would help her, so she placed three chips down worth $20. On her first try, she wound up winning $180 and though the money was for my dad, it was another nice birthday surprise!



            So has anyone ridden a mechanical bull before or hopes to cross this item off his or her bucket list? I’d love to hear about your experiences!

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27 Responses to Ride a Mechanical Bull

  1. Have never ridden a bull, mechanical or otherwise, but you never know, it certainly looks like fun and is probably a damn site safer than bungee jumping, which I’d love to try.

    A very sweet moment when you found your late grandfather’s birthday message. So nice that you have a recording of his voice.

    I lost my Grandfather two years ago and never got around to recording his war stories, so have no record of his voice.

    You seem to have a lovely family and friends to help you along the road of life, have a good one.

    • Haha, you’re right, I guess it is a lot safer than bungee jumping! I tried that a few years ago (well, just the Six Flags one) and wound up telling my mom after I already did it, because when I’d originally suggested it she panicked :p Let me know if you get a chance to go bungee jumping!

      I am so sorry to hear about your Grandfather. Hopefully the beautiful memories you have of him offer you some comfort.

      Thank you for such a kind comment, I really appreciate it 🙂

  2. misspaula123 says:

    A aww excellent. I have this on my list of things to do this year too for my blog. Tho so far can’t locate a buckin broncho as we call them !!!

  3. mvschulze says:

    Ahhh….are you sure you weren’t, ahhh hitting the wine a bit? That REALLY looks a little….funny, er, like slow motion! -:) Happy Birthday.

  4. Happy Birthday Christine! And those things are never a fluke, I would think that your Grandpa may have had something to do with the message coming up at just that time. He will always be in your heart and close by because of the love that you have always felt for him.
    By the way, congratulations on the Bull Ride, most do not have the courage to get on 🙂 Namaste

    • Thanks so much Mark! Your message really meant a lot and I hope it is true 🙂 But yes, I completely agree, he certainly will be. And thank you for the congratulations on the Bull Ride, haha!

  5. Yui says:

    Happy Birthday!! So glad you had such a wonderful and memorable time. You of all people deserve it 🙂 xo

  6. dylanabrams says:

    I’ve done it twice–once at the Fort Worth Stockyards in Texas, and once on my 21st birthday at a bar in Tempe, AZ. Tons of fun! Glad you had a good experience!

  7. viapina says:


  8. I haven’t, but really want to. This sounds like a delightful birthday, which is as it should be. Good for you!! Happy Belated birthday!

  9. Debbie Johansson says:

    Happy Birthday Christine – it looks like you had a good time! I haven’t ridden a mechanical bull, but that one looked a bit slippery to me. I haven’t even got a bucket list either – must fix that! I look forward to hearing what you’ll do next. 🙂

  10. kingdom777 says:

    That looked like fun. Happy birthday for last week. 21 is the official coming of age in NZ. You have the whole world in front of you 🙂

  11. kcg1974 says:

    I absolutely love your blog; so inspiring. I have just awarded you with the, Sunshine Blogger’s Award. If you do not wish to accept it please pass it on to a friend who is most deserving. The award and rules can be found on my blog page, http://kimgosselinblog.wordpress.com/. Thank You!

  12. Morguie says:

    Wow, sounds like you really enjoyed your day! Nope, never have ridden the bull…now I can’t since I have an artificial disk in my neck. Glad I did the skydiving I wanted to do back before my back started going bad…that was the main bucket list item I had to do and got scratched off. As to the voice message from Grandpa..you are so lucky to have his voice to hear. I only wish I could still have such a cherished sound to treasure. Happy Belated birthday.

  13. dweezer19 says:

    Looks like a great time.

  14. Mike says:

    I’d better wish you A Happy Birthday now Christine because judging from the video I’m not at all sure of your chances of seeing another! Best wishes – Mike 🙂

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