South Korean Students’ Bucket Lists


A few months ago, I was thrilled to receive a kind email from Laura, a teacher from England, who taught English to students in South Korea. Here are some snippets from her email that made my day:

“First of all, thanks for the consistently awesome blog! I’ve been following you for many months now and always enjoy reading about, and being inspired by, your kind acts! I’m an English teacher in South Korea and I actually used your blog in one of my English classes with high school students a few weeks ago. I printed off your kind acts and volunteering page and asked students to comment on them and to choose one thing they would like to do for themselves, and gave them a month to do it. I’ll find out next week if they actually have or not!”

“I really admire your work and you have really inspired me to make more regular and conscious efforts to do nice things for people since reading it! And without you, I wouldn’t have read The Happiness Project, another positive inspiration for me! Your blog has inspired me to send an email to someone who’s inspired me, try to help people if they drop things, regularly take food into work for other teachers, write birthday letters to some of my students and although not in a public place (I live in Korea and my Korean isn’t up to that standard) I have written positive sticky notes and stuck them in my apartment.”

Aside from such an encouraging email, I was excited to see that Laura asked her students to write bucket lists and enjoyed reading her post about the students’ lists. If you get the chance, please check out her post for an entertaining read, as well as her blog, for a series of inspiring stories from abroad!

What did you guys think about her post and the students’ bucket lists? What do you want to cross off your bucket list? I’d love to hear your input!

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15 Responses to South Korean Students’ Bucket Lists

  1. Faith Simone says:

    How nice of her to share that with you. I can see why it made your day!

  2. Humor_Me_Now says:

    I am 80 and never had a so called Bucket List, but I am aware of its meaning. I had things just drop out of the sky–like being raised in a family business which helped me in my corporate career. One employer decided to share a big win for the company with support staff like me. He sent me and my wife to an all expense paid trip to Hawaii for a week and we stayed at the Rainbow Hilton. We were dirt poor. It took me 8 years to graduate form college, but it really paid off. I married my high school girl friend and we both became Christians on the same day 10 years into our marriage. I hope to celebrate our 60th next year in Hawaii if I am still alive. (Bucket List) lol God gave me a great life, but not an easy one.

    I love what you are doing here and what you share. You are so young to be so wise

    • That is so nice your employee sent you to Hawaii and it sounds like a great trip 🙂 And I think that is absolutely adorable you married your high school girlfriend; what an awesome story and I definitely hope you get to Hawaii! I’ve always wanted to go there. I will look forward to reading about your trip! And thank you so much for the nice compliment.

  3. cwbybrick says:

    Followed & on my blog roll!

  4. This was inspiring. It’s wonderful how you are touching lives in a beautiful way!

  5. Lellobeetle says:

    What a fun picture.

  6. I love love love how your blog connects people. Lately, I have just been wanting to meet strangers and hear stories! This is such a great thing you have going. I admire your courage and your dedication! Keep it up 🙂

  7. andiilong says:

    Love it

  8. Summer Lover says:

    This is a bit random, but the happiness project was one of my favorite books! I’m certainly happy to hear a fellow blogger loves it too. (;

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