Foods that Increase Health and Happiness


Although I am a bucket list blogger, I am also obsessed with happiness — or its more fancy term subjective well-being (SWB) — studies. Two other favorites of mine are summer and food. What better season than summer to look into what types of food have been proven to increase happiness? Here is what I found:

An article on ABC News finds there are 19 foods that boost health and happiness:

1). Legumes (AKA peas, beans, and peanuts)

2). Spinach

3). Quinoa (“a complex carb that can give you a steady stream of energy”)

4). Tomatoes

5). Vitamin D-Fortified Milk (evidence suggests it has a positive effect against asthma symptoms and allergy sensitivities)

6). Apples

7). Walnuts

8). Salmon

9). Enriched cereal

10). Berries

11). Eggs

12). Clams

13). Oranges

14). Cayenne pepper

15). Parsley

16). Turmeric (found in curry powder)

17). Green tea

18). Red Wine (Wohoo!)

19). Coffee (Yay!)

An article in Women’s Health Magazine lists some additional foods that “will help you stay healthy, maintain a sharp mind, and keep those pesky blues at bay.” Some overlap with those listed above:

1). Wild salmon and shrimp

2). Cherry tomatoes

3). Watermelon

4). Chile peppers

5). Beets

6). Garlic

7). Apples

8). Butter

9). Cod

10). Lentils

11). Lamb

12). Milk

13). Onions

14). Sardines

15). Sprouts

16). Yogurt

Time to start feasting!

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42 Responses to Foods that Increase Health and Happiness

  1. jmchri13 says:

    I’ve been a vegetarian for seven months, and even in that short timespan, I’ve noticed a big difference in my attitude-no doubt I’m healthier, I’m happier, and I have a little but more energy (I was already an energetic person though). I know not everything on those lists is vegetarian, but if you’re willing to make the commitment, a plant-based diet can have some big paybacks.

    • jd126 says:

      I swear my 3-year-old is headed that way. She enjoys veggies more than meat…. sometimes she’ll reach for them before sweets…. She has definitely changed (and improved) my dinner menu.

    • My friend who’s a vegetarian often says the exact same thing! But yes, I agree that eating right can definitely make a difference in energy levels, etc 🙂

  2. mykulmitch says:

    I don’t eat all of those on a daily basis but I see many that I do! Success 🙂

  3. Julia V. says:

    I got hungry! 🙂

  4. You are making me hungry!

  5. Bookgirl says:

    See an apple a day keeps everything at bay. 🙂

  6. ellecity says:

    This list is awesome, thanks for posting it!:)

  7. surely that list should include bacon!

  8. Need to add these to my diet haha 😉

  9. Hey Christine …that’s cool. …thanks …

  10. btg5885 says:

    Great list, but the item that sure to create a smile is ice cream or Italian ice if you don’t want the fat content.

  11. Great post! I try to eat these foods regularly because if I don’t I can really tell.

  12. JayM says:

    Thanks for sharing this very useful information!

  13. Actually sounds delicious!

  14. matthewsimpson1992 says:

    Cool! Thanks for the list, I already eat a lot of these foods on a daily list, but butter? Who knew!

  15. Ice cream and red wine! Win!

  16. I can’t have wheat, gluten, dairy, or unnatural sugar, so this list is so helpful! It’s full of fruits and vegetables that I think I would enjoy! I’m especially happy about coffee and red wine! Thanks for posting 🙂

  17. jd126 says:

    I’m glad to see those chocolate (You missed a happiness) covered peanuts are coming in handy. It is also wonderful know Popeye had the right idea…. Great list!

  18. julieallyn says:

    I love carrots. I could eat an entire bag of baby carrots in one day. I also like celery — especially dipped in peanut butter!

  19. lennae87 says:

    Wow what a great list! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  20. polly6119 says:

    I’m copying this list and sticking it to my refrigerator. 😀 😀 Thanks!

  21. Outlier Babe says:

    Helpful post–thanks!

  22. theswtplace says:

    I’m trying hard to incorporate some veggies in my diet but my mind always goes “fried chicken is so much better” hahahahaha, but I’ll get them veggies in sooner or later.

  23. Qia says:

    Thanks for posting! Very useful

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