Bucket List Goals for the New Year

Hi all,

After a painfully long period away from PLTL, I hope to share some updates, though more importantly, I look forward to hearing updates from you!

It’s been three months since I started grad school, though I am back home for the holidays until Monday. Today was filled with family, laughter, and bucket loads of food. Although I fly back to North Carolina on Monday, I’ll be back home in a few weeks for winter break and hope to share plenty of bucket list updates during that time.

A few highlights from the past few months:

– Attended my first North Carolina State Fair, where I enjoyed some fried Oreos and a quick spin on the Mouse Trap.

– Bought a pair of roller skates! Because what’s more fun than roller skating?

– Participated in a play reading! The play was written and directed by one of my classmates. Since some of my former roles include Mrs. Weasley, a tree, Dickinson from 1776, and Ross from Macbeth, it was fun to branch out (bad pun intended) and play a human/female part this time!

– Dressed up as Arthur the Aardvark and “The Cat,” proudly accompanied by Edgar Allen Poe and his other creation “The Raven” in Raleigh’s Monster Dash 5K.

With the new year quickly approaching, I figured now would be a good time for you all to share some updates and/or bucket list goals for the upcoming year! Any recent items you’ve crossed off your bucket lists that you would like to share? Big or small, what are some items you hope to cross off your bucket lists this year? Is there anything major you hope to accomplish? I am excited to hear your responses and to get back on track with more posts/updates.

I’ve missed you all and hope you’re doing well!





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8 Responses to Bucket List Goals for the New Year

  1. b4thirty8 says:

    I’ve crossed off seeing Mount Rushmore and one of the Natural Wonders of the World ( The Chechin Itza, (sp?) temple in Mexico. 2015 is to be focused on getting an agent for an already completed novel.

  2. Felicia says:

    Sounds fun! Look forward to reading about them 🙂

  3. l1brarygrl says:

    Work at a DC library in some capacity, publish something, start a podcast, move forward on my documentary, volunteer more time, get to the beach, and heal my body and rid it of RA with the help of PCRM’s new medical center.

  4. Considered skipping work to attend the NC State Fair, but figured I kinda needed to work in order to earn money to spend at the fair in the first place. Glad you had an awesome time. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about re-earning my Girl Scout badges to frame. I know I’m adult, but still a Brownie scout at heart!

  5. mzuritam says:

    Your completed list items sound like fun! I was able to complete several books this year (“The Noble and the Dreadful”, and “They: and Other Extraordinary Short Stories”, and “Discovering Ezekiel”); made several of my books into Kindle versions (that was a learning experience!); stayed away from gluten (for the most part) and feel better; and I got to see my Dad for a short time (he has liver cancer); and moved from Kansas to eastern Ohio! A very good year on the whole. I hope your new year will be fun, interesting, and exciting!

  6. Welcome back and happy roller skating (I recommend ice skating, too)!
    This year? Crossed of a biggie: Rode a camel in Sahara (and camels are cute) … and even more rewarding (on no list); met many nice ‘new’ people.

  7. paranoiasnfm says:

    Welcome back!
    I’m glad you’re here again! 😀


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