What Makes Human Beings Happy? Part 8

Hi all! Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing a few of the interviews and images from the new page I created Our Happiness Narrative. If you have a moment, please like the new page and help it grow! I’ve been having a blast with it thus far.


To a couple in the Charles Street band who had just finished singing:

1). What is happiness?

Right: “John Lennon once said… no, no, don’t put that” [laughs]. Happiness is health, family, love…”

Left: “Fun.”

Right: “Fun, obviously music for us, whatever makes you smile from within.”

2). What was the happiest day of your life?

Left: “Well, we’re married so that’s a dangerous question” [laughs].

Right: “Well, it could be the birth of our children.”

Left: “Yeah, the birth of our children. But I’m sure everyone says that” [laughs].

3). Is there anything that you would like to add?

Right: “You know that saying some man’s garbage is another man’s treasure? Well, it’s the same with happiness. One man’s happiness is another man’s despair. Some people are made happy by small things or material items, but not everyone. Contentment is happiness.”

Below is a description of the page:

As someone who is fascinated by happiness research, I also wanted to share a new project and Facebook Page I have just developed known as Our Happiness Narrative, where I hope to share photos and interviews with people from various parts of the world, asking them how they define happiness and what the happiest time in their lives was. As I mention in the description I share below, this project is very much inspired by Humans of New York and my own Bucketlistories.

If you are interested in this type of page and have a moment to like the new page/help get it kick started I will be very grateful and happy to return the favor for any of your own pages or sites! 

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