Kind Acts & Volunteering

As with my other lists, many of these ideas come from some of the wonderful bucket list blogs I love to read, most of which are listed under my Inspiration Page. In this case, I got additional ideas by typing “Random acts of kindness” into Google and browsing the first pages that came up. 

1. Volunteer at a nursing home

2. Start and lead creative writing classes for children at local libraries

3. Participate in a walk for a good cause

4. Participate in a run for a good cause

5. Write a nice letter to someone

6. Leave inspirational messages on sticky notes in public bathrooms/places

7. Pay for Someone Behind Me in a Drive-Thru Line

8. Pay for someone’s coffee, who is in line behind me

9. Volunteer at a food bank/soup kitchen

10. Join free rice and donate at least 10,000 grains of rice

11. Leave $5 where a kid will find it

12. Leave Flowers on a Stranger’s Doorstep

13. Spend time at a nursing home summer 2013

14. Take my parents on a surprise outing somewhere

15. Make a Shutterfly photo album for grandpa

16. Make Shutterfly photo albums for both mom and dad

17. Make Shutterfly photo albums for at least two other family members (half complete)

18. Frame my poems (about specific family members) for those loved ones

19. Send texts to all my friends and family members that I’m happy to have them in my life

20. This summer 2013, donate to the American Heart Association

21.  This summer 2013, give money to someone who needs it more than I do

22. Start a gratitude journal

23. Write a Nice Letter and Leave it in a Book for a Stranger to Find

24. Compliment 20 strangers in one day

25. Name a star after someone I love

26. Write letters to five people who changed my life

27. Pay the Toll for the Car Behind Me  

28. This summer 2013, donate clothes and toys

29. Anonymously mail a letter of encouragement to a stranger

30. Help at least five people cross an item off their bucket lists

31. Send my compliments to the chef

32. Begin a charity

33. Give free hugs

34. Volunteer at a non-profit organization

35. Inspire someone

36. Pick Up a Piece of Trash Lying in the Street and Put it in a Trashcan

37. Buy a homeless person a Snapple

38. Hand out flowers at a nursing home (enough for everyone)

39. Give a mom or dad in need a break and take their kids out for the day (my treat).

40. Take a CPR class

41. Bring old magazines to a hospital or doctor’s waiting room

42. Visit a nursing home just to talk to some of the residents

43. Make someone breakfast in bed

44. Feed someone’s parking meter that is about to expire

45. Write a note to management about employees who do an excellent job

46. Compliment an author on a book he or she wrote that I loved

47. Open the phone book, pick a name, and send someone anonymous gifts

48. Make a mixed CD for someone

49. Visit an elderly relative I have never met, but who might enjoy company

50. This summer 2013, bake something for someone

150 Responses to Kind Acts & Volunteering

  1. Lexi says:

    SO Wonderful! It must feel great as you cross each item off your list! I remember I did a 30-day challenge a while ago to do one Random Act of Kindness every day, and it honestly made a difference in my life, made it more of a habit to look for ways to make peoples’ day. You’ve inspired me to make that challenge more permanent, thanks! And thanks for following my blog too! 🙂

    • Aw thanks Lexi 🙂 It really does feel great crossing items off the list! That’s awesome you did a 30-day challenge; I feel like it would be so much more rewarding if I tried to stick with doing some of these things every day. Glad I found your blog!

  2. bhollett22 says:

    What an incredible blog. Thank-you so much for sharing and inspiring. After facing some very hard times with my family (health related) I had a choice to ball up in a corner and lament, or to go out and start living. I chose the latter. The most amazing thing is that it sometimes takes a reminder that we are not immortal to actually give us the courage to start living. Again, what a wonderful blog and what a wonderful thing you are doing for the world!

    • Wow, thank you so much for your very kind comment 🙂 I think that is so awesome you choose to go out and start living, as I believe the way we think about things really does make a difference. I’m glad I found your blog!

  3. What a very inspiring blog! I love this idea of having a kind acts and volunteering bucket list – an amazing way to stop being so self-absorbed (talking to myself). Thank you for following Wonderlust too – another act of kindness and love xx

  4. chia says:

    Thanks for the follow, what a tremendously inspiring blog you have!

  5. verawrites says:

    Good progress on the list, Christine! How did you do with #28 and #50 now that summer is almost over?

  6. Such an inspirational blog, so much so that I’m going to create a bucketlist for my blog. Keep doing what you’re doing because it’s definitely making a difference 😀

  7. aspienights says:

    Wow, I think I’ll try this–I mean, I’m going to do this. As Christopher McCandless wrote, “Happiness only real when shared.” Thanks!

  8. Christine, you are an inspiration to your generation 😀 Do you take requests? — you seem like the kind of person who would donate blood, but maybe you don’t like needles. Have you ever considered adding to your list, registering as a bone marrow donor? Just to see if you matched someone who’s life needs saving? It is something I have always wanted to do, but I don’t currently meet the weight limit (sshh, don’t tell anyone.) Now that I am writing this is seems a little personal to be saying to someone I don’t know. I have no affiliation with the bone marrow people or anyone who needs a bone barrow transplant, I just keep thinking about some toddler out there with leukemia who I might be a match for, and the mother who is desperate to save her child.
    — Great blog. Sorry if this is a weird comment 😀 Blessings !!

    • Hahaha, not weird at all; your comment actually made my night and thank you so much for all of the nice compliments 🙂 I really appreciate them! Unfortunately, I don’t think I currently meet the weight limit for donating blood either, lol (I’m pretty short!), but those are some great ideas and thank you for the suggestions!

  9. liza98000 says:

    You definitely inspire me therefore you can cross that out! =)

  10. Helen says:

    Love your list & the fact that you are inspiring so many people to think of random acts of kindness. I so appreciate you taking the time to follow my blog. Thanks, keep smiling. Helen

  11. k.elizabeth says:

    Hey! I thought of another goal for you to add to your bucket list: write a letter to your future self every year on your birthday and open it on your birthday the following year. But make sure the letter is kind!

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  13. Victoria says:

    Wonderful list you have! I’ve been a volunteer for several years now and my current project is Scarves for Troops program. Cheers!

  14. This is truly amazing!

    Absolutely love this idea, what an awesome way to brighten someone’s day or even touch someone’s life!

  15. hannahcoral says:

    I love Random Acts of Kindness, I started turning our Christmas countdown into doing RAC, I have 2 small children and I hope to teach them to think of others, obviously all year round but for now we are trying to get the focus of Christmas onto thinking about others as opposed to wanting lots of presents! Your list is wonderful and you have crossed so many off it, so inspiring 🙂

  16. jasonedwin23 says:

    That’s so awsome to see that a lot of the things on your list are to help others other than yourself.
    I admire you for what you do onto others and that your expectations in giving is higher than receiving 🙂

  17. You have a very inspiring list – thanks for the ideas and insight. Ellie

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  20. taigaguterres says:

    I volunteer at a food pantry and parish for the homeless community in Hollywood every week. I just made a post about what it’s taught me if you want to check it out! It’s definitely one of those experiences that you could learn so many different things from the people there and what it means to be men and women with and for others. You got a great list going and I look forward to keep hearing your stories. Keep it up! (:

    • That sounds awesome! Just checked out your post and I think it’s great 🙂 I agree, I bet you must learn so much from working there. Thanks so much and I look forward to reading more of your posts as well!

  21. gracieromero says:

    This is AMAZING! You have just given me my very own to-do list!

  22. Hi thanks for the follow 🙂 I would like you to look at when you have a moment. If you like the concept let’s talk because I think you would be an amazing voice to have on there. Email is

  23. dearxiomara says:

    i think you’ve just inspired me to create my own bucket list! thank you! 🙂

  24. Adelemm says:

    Oh, I’m so pleased you popped by and followed my blog because this is fab. I’ve gladly returned the gesture. I can really use some of the suggestions on on this list for my own blog this month. Thanks so much and can’t wait to see more of this x

  25. parisbaker says:

    This is a really lovely and inspiring list – well done, you! xx

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  27. vani2014 says:

    Today is my birthday and I am having my friends donate money, instead of spending on food, drinks and gifts, to a fund raiser to help a homeless family move into their own place

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