Kind Acts & Volunteering

As with my other lists, many of these ideas come from some of the wonderful bucket list blogs I love to read, most of which are listed under my Inspiration Page. In this case, I got additional ideas by typing “Random acts of kindness” into Google and browsing the first pages that came up. 

1. Volunteer at a nursing home

2. Start and lead creative writing classes for children at local libraries

3. Participate in a walk for a good cause

4. Participate in a run for a good cause

5. Write a nice letter to someone

6. Leave inspirational messages on sticky notes in public bathrooms/places

7. Pay for Someone Behind Me in a Drive-Thru Line

8. Pay for someone’s coffee, who is in line behind me

9. Volunteer at a food bank/soup kitchen

10. Join free rice and donate at least 10,000 grains of rice

11. Leave $5 where a kid will find it

12. Leave Flowers on a Stranger’s Doorstep

13. Spend time at a nursing home summer 2013

14. Take my parents on a surprise outing somewhere

15. Make a Shutterfly photo album for grandpa

16. Make Shutterfly photo albums for both mom and dad

17. Make Shutterfly photo albums for at least two other family members (half complete)

18. Frame my poems (about specific family members) for those loved ones

19. Send texts to all my friends and family members that I’m happy to have them in my life

20. This summer 2013, donate to the American Heart Association

21.  This summer 2013, give money to someone who needs it more than I do

22. Start a gratitude journal

23. Write a Nice Letter and Leave it in a Book for a Stranger to Find

24. Compliment 20 strangers in one day

25. Name a star after someone I love

26. Write letters to five people who changed my life

27. Pay the Toll for the Car Behind Me  

28. This summer 2013, donate clothes and toys

29. Anonymously mail a letter of encouragement to a stranger

30. Help at least five people cross an item off their bucket lists

31. Send my compliments to the chef

32. Begin a charity

33. Give free hugs

34. Volunteer at a non-profit organization

35. Inspire someone

36. Pick Up a Piece of Trash Lying in the Street and Put it in a Trashcan

37. Buy a homeless person a Snapple

38. Hand out flowers at a nursing home (enough for everyone)

39. Give a mom or dad in need a break and take their kids out for the day (my treat).

40. Take a CPR class

41. Bring old magazines to a hospital or doctor’s waiting room

42. Visit a nursing home just to talk to some of the residents

43. Make someone breakfast in bed

44. Feed someone’s parking meter that is about to expire

45. Write a note to management about employees who do an excellent job

46. Compliment an author on a book he or she wrote that I loved

47. Open the phone book, pick a name, and send someone anonymous gifts

48. Make a mixed CD for someone

49. Visit an elderly relative I have never met, but who might enjoy company

50. This summer 2013, bake something for someone

150 Responses to Kind Acts & Volunteering

  1. This is an awesome list! You’ve inspired me to do some of these things!

  2. ok, you’ve totally got me hooked here just on this post alone. Fabulous idea that I will be sharing with my kiddos!
    Blessings to you!

  3. Thanks for the follow at Knapsack Spirit; glad to have you on the journey! What a good idea to put out a list for encouraging others to do, and not just sit and plan! Love it!

  4. brookemarsal says:

    Love this!!

  5. hejafred says:

    I am going to go bake a lasagna for someone RIGHT NOW.

  6. This is wonderful! I have to share that one time my husband and I went to a coffee shop and the barista told us our drinks had been paid for by the person before us. The shop was busy and we weren’t paying attention, so we didn’t know who to thank, so we just shouted out “Thanks!” as loud as we could. It was such a simple act, but it made us feel really good and more positive about life for the rest of the day. I think I need to keep this list around and start doing some of these things. Celeste 🙂

  7. We love your bucket list. We see that you have a lot of items crossed off already!!
    It will be nice to compare our lists and share our experiences.
    Florence and Kathleen
    The Buoy Bloggers at

  8. Sharon J. Gramling says:

    Praying for you and your very kind spirit and obviously gentle, giving heart. The Lord bless you and keep you and draw you close to Him, dear-heart.

  9. dfolstad58 says:

    Great list, and cool how you update and cross bucket list items off. Thanks for checking out my blog and following, very encouraging! I love your blog name, is there a story behind it?

    • Thank you so much! Can’t wait to keep up with your blog! And I chose the name since project is both a noun and a verb; I figured that in the sense of a project it could be taken as a project to bring more light into my life or others’ and it could also be taken as a way to project light onto something to view it in a new way. I hope that makes sense 🙂

  10. Ok, seriously, you’re amazing

  11. I love this list. I’m surprised how many of these things I have actually done already!
    A word of advice from someone older – don’t wait too long before writing those letters to tell people how much they meant to you. I intended to write to some of ym teachers who really went way above and beyond their job in helping me – but I took too long over it and they passed away. I’ll never stop regretting that.

    • Aw, that’s so nice. And thank you; that is a really good point, especially because it’s so sad when you hear a teacher you really admired has passed away, but I’m sure they knew at the time that you appreciated them. It’s great to hear you’ve accomplished many of the things on this list though : )

  12. buzybeekidz says:

    Thanks for following our blog. What a cool list! Definitely going to do some of these!

  13. Carla says:

    We think you can cross #35 – Inspire someone — off your list because in our classroom 18/18 students (plus two teachers) are inspired by your actions to promote happiness! The Upstanding and Outstanding (#uando) team in Craik, SK will pass on your message.

  14. Wow, what a list. A great source of inspiration for making someone else’s day, therefore also making yours. Thank you for visiting my blog and following!

  15. What an amazing inspiration you are. Thank you for following poetrycottage.

  16. Wow you have made such an amazing list! There are a few things on your list that I have done myself, but also so many I had never thought of. A lot of the things you have done or are intending on doing are the kinds of things I want to do but don’t have the courage for! Good luck in everything you do, you are going to make so many people happy, and you have inspired me to do more for others 🙂

  17. What a lovely post. Maybe seven years ago I came out of the Redwood City Public Library and found a note tucked under my windshield: “Your meter ran out and the meter maid was in the lot so I put a quarter in.” I still have that note pinned to the corkboard in my atelier. I’ll never know who that kind soul was, never have a chance to thank them, but I certainly think of them and their remarkable kindness frequently.

    You won’t need me to suggest anything, but as the parent of a small child with Exceptional Needs, making eye contact with, smiling at, waving to a disabled person (any disability, any age) can make a WORLD of difference to that person and their caretaker (as in me, the mommy).

    We have a sweet dog whom I had certified as a therapy dog because she is so pacific. I occasionally take her to Special Ed preschools and to Assisted Care Facilities. When she visits the elderly, she just lies as close as possible to the person and when she’s relaxed she passes horrific gas. I am always mortified (though it’s not as if I can control it!) but I explain it’s just how comfortable and happy she is, and without fail they LOVE it. They love that she is so happy with them that she can relax everything ….

    I’m proud of you for the good you’re doing.

    • Wow, that is also a lovely story about the parking meter; thank you for sharing it! It’s so nice to hear about stories like that! I also think that is so nice about your dog and I agree that it can make a world of difference just being nice to someone or acting comfortable around them. Thank you for sharing such wonderful experiences and for your kind words 🙂

  18. whydoicry says:

    What an absolutely wonderful list! Thank you for the inspiration. 🙂

  19. hello. says:

    I love your list and your blog!
    6. Leave an inspirational message on a sticky note in a public bathroom/place
    I highly recommend this!! (and have several examples)
    Keep smiling.

  20. An excellent and inspiring list of ideas.

  21. Adam Drake says:

    Do you realize that if the whole world did what you are doing the rarest things to find would be sadness, loneliness, hunger, and apathy. You are an amazing woman.

  22. it is amazing how a young college student can choose to think outside of herself. Most young people are often selfish. You should be proud of yourself and you’re an inspiration to me.

  23. you have inspired me to add a few to my bucket list! So good to see a young lady enjoying life! Keep doing this. Kind regards, Roseline x

  24. My favorite:
    31. Send my compliments to the chef
    Made me laugh 🙂

    I really like how this “bucket list” not only meets your needs but the needs of so many others. You are a true example.

  25. dwinitaayu says:

    I already sent your link to my friends, I want to do my own list as well, wish me luck!!

  26. hollymarie0407 says:

    Great blog you have here! I think you should cross #35 off this list — you’ve probably already achieved that one many times. 🙂 I love #47. Thanks a bunch for your follow!!

  27. This is so different from the other blogs out there!! You are an inspiration 🙂 Thank you for following my blog.

  28. milkyminx says:

    Great list, Christine! If you’ve ever heard someone crying in the bathroom, it makes #6 even more special. Best of luck with achieving your goals.//mm

  29. Ingrid says:

    This is a fantastic idea! Love it, well done, consider me inspired.

  30. You’ve just inspired me to start a list of my own!

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  32. motivatah says:

    Love it! What a fantastic idea and the fact that you shared your light inspires others to do the same!

  33. Thanks a lot for following my blog. I really enjoy your bucket list blog, and it has inspired me to actually write down the “lists” that are in my head, as well as talk to my husband more about his. The kind acts and volunteering section is particularly meaningful to me because at this time of my life (age 66) I have more time for volunteering. I began my volunteer bucket list with “add ideas to projectlighttolife”! As you well know, preparing/reading/commenting on these blogs takes a lot of time, and if we spend too much time at the computer, there’s no time left to work on the bucket list!
    I especially like your Reader of the Month idea, and your first choice was excellent. I love seeing young people (you too!) acting on these kind of beliefs and understanding. It’s great for everyone.
    Thanks for your inspirational site!

    • You’re welcome! I’m glad I found it 🙂 I totally know what you mean about spending too much time at the computer! Sometimes I worry that I’m too busy doing that, rather than actually living life lol, so I prefer to go on the computer at night! And thanks so much, but yes I find Carl’s story so inspiring! Thank you for stopping by and for your kind words.

  34. verawrites says:

    Some great ideas here. Congrats on the crossed off items 🙂 You have inspired me to fine-tune my own BL and get cracking… Thanks Christine – and blessings as you continue achieving your BL goals!

  35. This is so awesome!! 🙂

  36. katersox says:

    I love this list and this idea! I hope you wouldn’t mind if I stole a couple of them for me to do! You have inspired me to make my own list. Love your blog! 🙂

  37. These are wonderful, some are things that have been on my mind which you are now nudging me into making happen, and others I’ve already done and recognise their great value; writing a nice letter to someone, writing a gratitude journal, leading creative writing classes…etc. I’ll be back soon…you truly are an inspiration…have fun spreading the light of you joy and kindness!

  38. You know, I’ve heard of “bucket lists;” I’ve never really thought about making one.Of course I have my “mini – lists” that appear to cover most territory I wish to journey through. My life has been broken into sections; probably 45 years of it was made up of – “dog eat dog.” For the past six, since I’ve retired, my “bucket- list” has arrived and has given me new horizons to encounter. I look at you and other folks that understand a world I never saw when I was your age. But, if everyone’s life took the same course than there would be no adventure and the learning process would never be.
    I have to admit, one of my passions is on your list. Something that wasn’t natural for me for so many years. If you will check my blogroll, it’s linked there. I AM SO PROUD OF IT!
    What a treasure I have found in blogging and reaching out to touch the world. I’m happie you’ve found value in my ramblings, and stopped by to read.
    I will follow you also, and I’m sure my lite will burn a little brighter because of it.

    • Aww, well sometimes it’s great to focus on the “dog eat dog,” so eventually you can enjoy the rewards that come with it 🙂 I am definitely going to check it out now to see what it is & will let you know! I’m really glad I found your blog and can’t wait to read more posts soon!

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  40. natasharichardtravels says:

    What an inspirational thing to do! You must be so proud of yourself 🙂 x

  41. itsjustnora says:

    You have definitely accomplished number 35, this is such an inspiring blog and it inspires people like me to go out and follow in your footsteps.
    Nora xo

  42. bt8685 says:

    Wow that is a great list. What an inspiration you are to me and also to many others. You are so young to be so caring. That is the type of bucket list I would like to do also. I don’t really care about going places but these types of things are awesome and much easier to achieve. Keep up your wonderful work. I have a daughter who will be graduating college after another year. She is also a wonderful, wonderful young lady. It is encouraging to see such wonderful young ladies coming of age in this world. You will do wonders. Also, thanks for following my blog opinioncountz, I appreciate it.

  43. ezpc1 says:

    Just read your list ….and I am SO So pleased to see what you are doing …….
    I think you can strike off the “be an inspiration” item on your list, because you’ve certainly been an inspiration to most of the folk commenting here…even if we all go away and do just one random act of kindness each then thats 90 more acts of kindness in the world …inspired by you.

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  46. Thanks so much for following my blog – as you’ll have seen I’ve got some health challenges I’m determined to sort out and am test driving various techniques and diet regimes, but I really like your bucket list idea for other things and it’s got me thinking about doing something similar – a true inspiration!!

  47. pjz1593 says:

    I like this page a lot! You have many good ideas and your list is never ending which is good! Keep the good spirits and acts of kindness up!

  48. What an awesome idea! I love it!

  49. Absolutely LOVE what you are about! Love the bucket lists, love the kindness. Very inspirational.. keep it up!! x

    P.S Thanks for following my blog 🙂

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