Disney World and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Hey guys!

I hope the holiday season is finding you all well! Last week, I turned in my final papers and since then, have been enjoying winter break with family and friends. On the way home, I got to officially see Washington D.C. for the first time while visiting a friend on the drive home to New Jersey.

This week, I’m crossing some new items off the bucket list on a Florida adventure with mom. Never too old, right? The two previous summer’s I’ve gone to Disney, I was four and twelve years old, so it’s exciting experiencing Disney a decade later during the holiday season, as well as some rides I’ve never been on such as the Tower of Terror. Another first will be seeing the new Harry Potter theme park, where we will venture to this weekend. After we return, I’ll be sure to share some photos from the trip!

For now, here’s some previous Disney throwbacks:

disney1 disney2

IMG_7414 IMG_6048

498_39024921087_9167_n IMG_2402

For all you Disney fans, anyone have any favorite attractions, locations, or restaurants you would recommend? I’d love to hear your suggestions!

I’d also love to hear about your winter plans and goals for the New Year. Are you taking some time to relax or going somewhere new? What are some things you hope to accomplish this year?

I look forward to hearing your updates!

– Christine

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Bucket List Goals for the New Year

Hi all,

After a painfully long period away from PLTL, I hope to share some updates, though more importantly, I look forward to hearing updates from you!

It’s been three months since I started grad school, though I am back home for the holidays until Monday. Today was filled with family, laughter, and bucket loads of food. Although I fly back to North Carolina on Monday, I’ll be back home in a few weeks for winter break and hope to share plenty of bucket list updates during that time.

A few highlights from the past few months:

– Attended my first North Carolina State Fair, where I enjoyed some fried Oreos and a quick spin on the Mouse Trap.

– Bought a pair of roller skates! Because what’s more fun than roller skating?

– Participated in a play reading! The play was written and directed by one of my classmates. Since some of my former roles include Mrs. Weasley, a tree, Dickinson from 1776, and Ross from Macbeth, it was fun to branch out (bad pun intended) and play a human/female part this time!

– Dressed up as Arthur the Aardvark and “The Cat,” proudly accompanied by Edgar Allen Poe and his other creation “The Raven” in Raleigh’s Monster Dash 5K.

With the new year quickly approaching, I figured now would be a good time for you all to share some updates and/or bucket list goals for the upcoming year! Any recent items you’ve crossed off your bucket lists that you would like to share? Big or small, what are some items you hope to cross off your bucket lists this year? Is there anything major you hope to accomplish? I am excited to hear your responses and to get back on track with more posts/updates.

I’ve missed you all and hope you’re doing well!





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Two Adventure Seekers Purchase BucketList.org

Hey all!

Check out this inspirational article published on The Huffington Post about an hour ago, featuring the two men who purchased BucketList.org. It’s a great story!


Originally published on The Huffington Post.


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Woman Discovers Identical Twin More Than a Half-Century Later: Part 3

After featuring Paola Riviera’s story of her mother, who recently discovered she has an identical twin over fifty years into her life, on Project Light to Life, many readers asked for photos of the two women together.

Without further ado, here are photos from their reunion:

paola21 paola20

Photos originally published on Paola’s blog LIVE.TRAVEL.BLESS.

Want the fully story?

Check out part 1 and 2 of the story on Project Light to Life (or part 1 originally published on LIVE.TRAVEL.BLESS).

For additional photos and Paola’s follow-up on their reunion, check out part 3 – including the entire story – on her blog.

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I’m Alive!

raleigh43 raleigh44

Hi all!

Just a note to say that I have not dropped off the face of the planet, but have simply started my first month of graduate school in North Carolina. Regular content will continue on Project Light to Life as of tomorrow and I hope to update you all on some recent items I’ve crossed off my bucket lists.

Random firsts from the past month:

– First time living in a state other than NJ or Delaware.

– First time going to a NC beach.

– First time eating at Noodles and Company.

–  First time getting a driver’s license in a different state.

How has everyone’s September been so far?

Christine @ Project Light to Life

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Woman Discovers Twin More than a Half-Century Later: Part 2

About two weeks ago, I introduced you to Paola Rivera, who shared a story that normally, only happens in books or films. Over 50 years later, her mother discovered that, unbeknownst to her, she has an identical twin. If you are interested in reading Part 1 of this story, check out Paola’s account on her blog LIVE. TRAVEL. BLESS. or on Project Light to Life.


Now that Paola’s mother and her mother’s long-lost twin have finally been reunited, Paola has agreed to first share this story with Project LTL’s readers. Below is Paola’s account of this reunion:

Full disclosure: it took me almost two months to sit down with my mom and get the full story on how the reunion went. For whatever reason, I thought that if we set out a time to get dinner and have this lavish evening with all of those words, it would make the experience seem even more grandiose than it already was. It turns out that a night on the couch with a replay of Young and the Restless murmuring in the background was all I really needed to soak it all in.

Surprisingly, after everything was said and done and my ears had finally been graced with the story of the reunion, I came to the realization that I had been listening to so much more than just a story of two twins reunited. I had been receiving little reminders about this breath of a life we are give and was sprinkled with inspiration to embrace every curve ball that is thrown our way. So, rather than boring you all with every detail of what my mom ate while she was in Europe and how many trinkets/nail files made of Czech crystal she came home with in the midst of meeting her sister, I decided to focus on what my mother walked away with from this reunion and the beauty she showered me with as she recalled it all sitting on a couch in the middle of America.

The initial reunion was (from what I inferred) everything you might be imagining it to be: my mom waiting eagerly in a café until a woman who looked identical to her started running toward her with tears streaming down her face and a determined translator following close behind. My mom told me that throughout the entire meeting day, she was still half convinced this wasn’t her sister, that somehow, this was all just fake. She giggled as she told me this, but I know there was a serious undertone to that somewhat naïve comment – although, I think I would be stuck staring at her until I could prove the genetics one way or another! The language barrier was a bit tough, but from the sounds of it, I don’t think it was any harder than practicing self control with the breadbaskets at every table. My mom told me how beautiful it was to just sit there and feel comfortable with this woman she had never once met before and how blissful it was to be walking down the cobblestoned streets of Prague hand-in-hand with this identical image she now knew as her sister. They didn’t speak about the past, because there is nothing they could have fixed – nothing they could have changed to make this moment any different.

paola3 paola2

At this point in the conversation, I so eagerly wanted her to recite every detail down to the type of carvings in each bridge she crossed over. The more I tried to pry the swatches of the flowers and shapes of the architecture out into the air, the more my mom spoke about struggling with a language barrier and the sensation of having lived 57 years of a completely separate life than the one her own sister, let alone twin, had lived.

What was interesting to me, though, was that throughout most of this conversation my mother wasn’t speaking about herself – she was speaking about her sister. She talked about how much joy she felt knowing that Dagmar’s wish was fulfilled and that she not only found my mom after a lifetime of searching, but the unthinkable happened and they were able to meet. She spoke of how outlandish, yet incredibly easy it was to care so much about a person she had just met. I think the most heartbreaking, but at the same time, heartwarming comment my mom made was this:

“I never could have imagined how much it is humanly possible to miss someone after spending just four days with her.”

It is obvious my mom yearns for the day she can see her sister again and I can only hope that I will be right by her side the next time around. If you take anything from this story, let it be a reminder to not dwell on the past, to put others’ joy before your own, and to find beauty in the chaos that we call life. If you’re able to do those three things you’ll find yourself radiating a much more positive outlook and periodically reminding yourself that in the end, sometimes the storms you’re fighting through now may expose their own rainbows 57 years down the road…I’ve seen it happen in the most beautiful way.


Pretty incredible, right? What do you all think of Paola and her mother’s story?

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Young terminal patient helps others while working on her bucket list

So unfair that she has to go through so much at such a young age, but incredible that this little girl has potentially saved four lives already.

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