Bucketlistory #2


1). What is the number one item you want to cross off your bucket list? 

I guess to just be happy and not have to worry about things anymore.

2). What is the best thing you believe you have accomplished in life so far?

So far, probably getting my college degree.

[Dear readers. Just coming into the series and wondering, “What is a bucketlistory?” For more information, check out this page on Project Light to Life the blog: https://projectlighttolife.wordpress.com/bucket-listories/%5D

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11 Responses to Bucketlistory #2

  1. spartacus2030 says:

    1) I want to live alone…
    2) Getting up in the morning…

  2. Joey says:

    An idea would be to add another question, like what are you doing to scratch it off your bucket list? Just a thought

  3. Finer Things in Life says:

    1) a trip to Morocco

    2) Coming to the U.S. and sticking it out here, working in fast food places and pumping gas. I am now a PhD candidate and teach at Seton Hall University.

  4. swedenole13 says:

    I love this Christine….way to go! I can’t wait for the next post….

  5. I love this idea! I will wait for the many more to come!

  6. milambc says:

    Ah! A college degree is quite the accomplishment to be proud of, I’d say. It’s not easy to do and I know from firsthand experience. 😛

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