1. Dick’s Last Resort (Baltimore, Maryland)

2. The Hard Rock Cafe (Atlantic City, New Jersey)

3. The Rain Forest Cafe

4. Cheri’s Cafe (St. Martin, Netherland Antilles)

5. Hooters (Atlantic City, New Jersey)Β 

6. Medieval Times (Lyndhurst, New Jersey)

7. The Melting Pot (Red Bank, New Jersey)

8. Ninja Castle (New York City, New York)

9). Jekyll & Hyde (New York, New York)

10. B.E.D. (Miami, Florida)

Top Restaurants in New Jersey

12. David Burke Fromagerie

13. Avenue

14. Nicholas


32 Responses to Gastronomy

  1. Nick says:

    Ah yes! The Varsity! I was just there but a month ago. Chili Slaw Dog with Onion Rings and an Orange Creamsicle is a must have! Also, if you want to add a restaurant to your list, visit Portillo’s in Chicago. They’re famous for Italian Beef, Hot Dogs, and Ribs. Soo Good!

    • Haha ahh I’m really excited to check it out now! We’re heading to the state this summer, so hopefully we can make it there πŸ™‚ And I’ll definitely have to add that to my list; thank you for the suggestion!

      • Samantha says:

        Hi Christine! I’ve got a list of *good*, delicious Atlanta restaurants, if you want more suggestions! The Varsity may be an institution, but if you do go, you should have Tums or Pepto-Bismol handy. Lol.

  2. treyzguy says:

    The Varsity in Atlanta is an experience! You’d never think everyone would get a chili-dog craving all at once! Must do!!! LOL
    Oh…might I suggest Acme Oyster House on Bourbon Street in “Nawlins'” Louisiana?

  3. starlarosa says:

    What a great idea! How inspiring you are! Good luck with all your lists! xx

  4. mjtannian says:

    Ninja Castle?! That sounds Epic!

  5. if you’re in Atlanta, the original vortex at little five points is a must!! it is a few minutes from downtown, but worth the experience!! there is one on Peachtree in midtown, but not the same atmosphere. the yard house at Atlantic station is delicious, and for dessert try kilwin’s homemade ice cream and goodies.

    • Aww man, I’m so bummed! We actually just left Atlanta (it was my first time there) this past Sunday. We wound up going to a place for the rehearsal dinner for my cousin’s wedding called the Fickle Pickle lol; it was really nice, but I find the name so funny. If I ever get back there I will definitely check it out πŸ™‚

  6. AHH Texas Roadhouse is my favorite place to go!! I go every year on my birthday. It’s the best atmosphere, it’s fun, & they have amazing food πŸ™‚

  7. darthshep says:

    I have been to Dick’s Last Resort (Baltimore, Maryland). It is a great time and lots of fun getting into it with the wait staff!

  8. nirbhayasindia says:

    Again!!!! Listen, there isn’t an ounce of exaggeration. Am as crazy as you!

  9. Laavanya says:

    Thanks for the list! I’m new to the east coast, so this could be useful!

    (Any suggestions for Philadelphia?)

  10. TONS of suggestions for Philadelphia! Monks Tavern.Eulogy. The White Dog Cafe. Farmicia. and these are just a few of the ones i’ve had amazing meals at. Best time to go is during restaurant week, which is twice a year I think.

  11. ruralstudies says:

    What a great list of restaurants! Ah, the foodie experience…lots to celebrate in this realm today – all over the world. Christine (or any other great food lovers), if you’re ever in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, check out The Stubborn Goat – last week I had their thin crust, gouda, pesto, poached pear and walnut pizza that was crazy good!

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