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Occasionally, readers who look at my list will comment, “I cannot believe you have never done [insert activity that a number of other people do all the time here].” One of the most common items that elicits this reaction is “Go hiking.” So, there is one lesson to take from this blog post: Give into peer pressure.

In all seriousness though, going hiking with the outing club at my school was a blast. My roommate along with some other friends and I met up around 7 am last Saturday to head out to Sugarloaf Mountain in Maryland, which was absolutely beautiful.


On the way there, a friend tried to take a nap, while the rest of us took photos next to her. In the photo below, another friend suggested the caption should be, “Look, I finally made a friend”; even though said friend is passed out, it still counts, right?


The mountain was only a little over 1,000 feet and we wound up starting off at the summit, which was actually a relief since it’s hard to enjoy the views when you’re gasping for air on the way up. Or maybe, that’s just me being lazy! Then again, one of my friends who went on the hike had not only gotten just two hours of sleep due to working until 4 a.m. the night before, but she was also fasting because of Rosh Hashanah. I give her the most credit of all for staying so energetic.



I remember spending hours on the jetty rocks when I was a kid and have always loved climbing, so hiking was right up my ally.

Even Will the Panda got to enjoy the view.


We hiked for about five hours and stopped for a delicious lunch (hummus included) in between.

You can’t beat friends, fall, and nature on a beautiful fall day. After this experience, I would definitely go hiking again and maybe even go on a longer one next time.



So has anyone crossed this item off his or her bucket lists? I’d love to hear about your experiences!


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66 Responses to Go Hiking

  1. 2mommiesof3 says:

    I have grown up camping and hiking. Glad you have found out how amazing this pastime can be! Loved the pictures!!

  2. I go as often as I can. My state is filled with state and national parks, it’d be foolish to not try and see them all! I’m glad you had a great time. (I have some posts about hikes on my blog if you’re interested).

  3. Amazed Dad says:

    Always a fun activity for exercise and seeing the beauty of nature. If you ever get the chance, I would recommend taking a hike up Pike’s Peak in Colorado. I did that hike years ago and it was great. Then take a side trip to the Garden of the Gods; a truly amazing site.

  4. vagabondvirginia says:

    Hiking is how I stay sane when I’m not traveling! It’s so nice to take a quick weekend camping/hiking trip when the next adventure is too far away!

  5. hadassaab says:

    Reblogged this on hadassaab.

  6. Is that a Panda in picture six down?

  7. Ni says:

    I have been to sugarloaf too. Its a nice place to be. I dont remember but there is a vineyard somewhere nearby. Its nice once in a while to move away from the noise and pollution.

  8. Sanshaine says:

    Maybe you should try the Camino de Santiago! Everyone experiences it differently, but you take it at your own pace and meet so many awesome people along the way!

  9. nice landscape.. my hobby is hiking and i always hiking with my friend.. lets try hiking in Indonesia mountain.. 😉

  10. Sherri says:

    Love camping and hiking, this looks so much fun. BTW, I really thought that was a real panda there for a moment 🙂

  11. DuvessSimone says:

    Oh it looks like such a fantastic trip! Nature is definitely worth it!!!

  12. dalg says:

    Living in Scotland, there’s plenty of chances to go hillwalking. I have a blog of some of the walks I’ve done here – http://www.walkhighlands.co.uk/blogs/hippy66 It’s a great site for walkers in Scotland, as it’s got maps of the routes etc.

  13. katyhancock says:

    Wow that looks beautiful. Is this range in Western Maryland, because I don’t know that I’ve heard of it?

  14. I just realized that I am one of those people that is shocked when other people don’t go hiking and I am now slightly embarrassed. It’s just what I would do if I had a spare weekend. I lived in Newfoundland, Canada for years when I went to university and I had access to Canada’s East Coast trail which was always unreal. I would recommend it for any hiker!

  15. Patrick says:

    I’ve been following your blog for a while now and didn’t know you’re around the DMV area. My first ever hike was the Billy Goat Trail at Great Falls (Maryland side) and it is probably the best hike you will have in the DC Metro area (just look at the reviews on Yelp). I hike there at least a few times each year. Highly recommended!

    Another one, that is quite strenuous, but the views are WONDERFUL is Old Rag Mountain in Shenandoah. The hike will certainly exhaust you (took us 6-7 hours with breaks!) but it was AMAAAAAZING.

    • Wow just the name alone sounds awesome! I will definitely have to check it out 🙂 But yup, I go to school in that area! And I feel like I’ve heard about that one, but I bet it’s great. Thank you for both suggestions Patrick!

  16. Topaz says:

    I did a lot of hiking in Japan. The rainy season was my favorite season to hike because the rain drops look so beautiful on the leaves and flowers.

  17. Keith Maginn says:

    Sounds like a great day…cool pics!

  18. noellieb07 says:

    I’ve been hiking…but my experience was not nearly as fun, lol. I went with a good friend of mine and this other guy who was basically trying to get with my friend with the whole time…so I think the better company you have, the more fun it is. I did feel pretty bad ass climbing up a mountain, and when we reached the top, the view was pretty gorgeous.

    I think I’ll do it again…this time minus a guide trying to impress my friend. 😛

  19. wizki says:

    Hiking and camping were a huge part of my childhood growing up in the Southwest…glad to see somebody else discovering the joy for the first time! Your posts are always full of great stories about what others do or what you do for others–it’s great that you took some time out to give yourself this gift. Cheers!

  20. sow4hope says:

    I LOVE hiking! Glad you enjoyed it.

  21. Beautiful pictures. Hiking is one thing on my to-do list, but living in Florida I have no mountains. :o(

  22. Chess says:

    Beautiful pictures 🙂

  23. raulconde001 says:

    Wonderful experience hiking! Congrats! 🙂

  24. We hike all the time. It’s great to be outside. if you’re looking for more hiking in Maryland, check out my recent blog posts on Cunningham Falls and Gunpowder Falls State Parks. You do NOT have to have a child to enjoy these parks! They are fun for everybody!! http://www.theinbetweendream.com

  25. Hiking is awesome! Just went today. Looks like you all had a blast.

  26. vickyinglis says:

    I’m just back from a week of hiking on the Hardangervidda in Norway. It’s one of the most beautiful places in the world, and the Norwegians have an awesome set up of trails and huts across the country. Worth a visit.

  27. seraisadams says:

    I’m from Australia and was more the arty child, I hated being active even though I had never really given recreational sports the time of day. When I was 15 my single mother had only enough money to send me on the survivor camp which was five nights of hiking in the Grampians, Victoria; I begged her to let me stay at home but thank goodness she forced me to go and I discovered a new love, hiking is one of the most amazing experiences and now I jump at every opportunity and have been hiking in 4 different countries since. If you ever head to Australia make sure hiking (and abseiling if you can manage it) in the Grampians makes the list as well as Ayers Rock 🙂

  28. Steven says:

    Love your posts, and glad you’ve discovered the joys of hiking the wilderness.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Steve, at http://twentyfirstcenturynomad.com/

  29. milambc says:

    Gah, that is such a beautiful location to go hiking! I haven’t been hiking before, but that looks like a lot of fun for sure!

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