Go Zip Lining



I went zip lining at Loterie Farm, a private nature reserve on the island of St. Martin. In the future, I hope to find more places to go zip lining, since I crossed this experience off the list a few weeks after my sixteenth birthday — over half a decade ago — yikes!

As their website says, Loterie Farm is “a secret hideaway nestled in the hillside of Pic Paradis on French Saint Martin where you can wine, dine, climb, hike and glide over the treetop canopy.” I always joke that I am terrible with anything involving motor skill (tap dance class when I was young, woodshop class in middle school, where the teacher had to help me with every assignment, etc), so the hardest part was probably making sure I clipped the hooks on correctly to the line as we approached each one. Luckily, an instructor was there to help guide us along.

Regardless, I love anything involving climbing and knew that anything described as a “treetop adventure” would be the activity for me. Scaling trees, entering tree houses, walking across tightropes, and gliding through the forest was ideal. I would definitely recommend Loterie Farm!

Looking for places to go zip lining? One company has a great zip lining experience in locations along the East Coast. Another article lists some of the most incredible places to go zip lining.

Who else has gone zip lining or has it added to their bucket lists? Where did you go and what was it like?

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18 Responses to Go Zip Lining

  1. Nicole says:

    Going Zip-lining wasn’t on my bucket list… but to do something that scared me was. 😉 And since I’m terrified of heights, I figured that zip-lining fit the criteria for that. It ended up being an AMAZING experience, even if I was so terrified at the time. 🙂

  2. Scarlett says:

    Great pics! I loved zip lining when I went it was so much fun x

  3. In Australia we call it a Flying Fox. I made one for my son once and it was only a moderate success because apparantly there has to be an element of imminent danger, across a ravine or river rapids of something. Silly me.

  4. malvarez17 says:

    I just wrote about my first time zip-lining in Costa Rica. Check it out and lemme know what you think. Thanks!

  5. neishabella says:

    This is on my bucket list!! Can’t wait to cross it off!!!

  6. kcinaz says:

    Live life to the fullest and enjoy. I love your bucket list. I started mine many years ago and the last was to write a book and my blog is as close as I’ll get. I too flew by on a zip line several years ago but not at your young age. It was thrilling. My adrenaline doesn’t run as rich as yours, though! Bungie jump – not for me. Have fun!

  7. kcinaz says:

    p.s. There is an indoor skydive in Las Vegas if you get there. Great fun!

  8. aiden says:

    Wow. !!! look so fun!

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